Land Rover & Virgin Galactic trip to space contest is open to owners of land rover vehicles from now until June 20,2022.
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Win a Trip to Space From Land Rover

From now until June 20, 2022, Land Rover owners can enter to win a ticket to the (inner) edge of space aboard Virgin Galactic.

Four-hundred and fifty-thousand dollars. That’s the amount of cash one commercial spaceline ticket is gonna cost you. Unless, of course, you win the Land Rover & Virgin Galactic Adventure of a Lifetime Sweepstakes.

Just make sure you own a Land Rover vehicle before throwing your hat in the ring.

Land Rover & Virgin Galactic Prize Details

Land Rover & Virgin Galactic trip to space contest is open to owners of land rover vehicles from now until June 20,2022.

The entry period spans Feb. 28, 2022, through June 20, 2022. Land Rover and Virgin Galactic will announce the winners on Aug. 15, 2022.

There are several tiers of prizes — but only one ticket to space.

Grand Prize

The grand prize consists of one round-trip space flight, which takes about 90 minutes total. But before getting yarded through the atmosphere at 2,600 mph, the winner will undergo 5 days of training and activities with Richard Branson‘s team at Virgin’s launch site in Spaceport America, N.M.

Land Rover and Virgin will also provide the winner with $50,000 to cover the taxes due on the ticket price. Travel, hotel, and meal accommodations are included.

Sadly, the winner will not get to experience an Astronaut Wings ceremony after the flight, as the FAA has discontinued the program for space tourism. But after the flight, the winner will be presented with the “opportunity” to purchase an exclusive Astronaut Edition Range Rover.

Preliminary Prizes

From March 21 to May 23, Land Rover will award a preliminary prize to one entrant each week. Preliminary prizes will consist of Land Rover gift certificates and branded goods up to $1,000 in value.

‘Adventure of a Lifetime’ Rules

Land Rover & Virgin Galactic trip to space contest is open to owners of land rover vehicles from now until June 20,2022.

Online registration can only be submitted once per entrant. However, entrants can receive additional entries to the drawing through Land Rover’s referral incentive (more on that here).

Eligibility Requirements

First, Land Rover notes that the contest is open to U.S. residents who own a Land Rover vehicle registered within the States. Entrants must be 18 years or older at the time of entry.

It also states that there are exceptions to eligibility and that the following entrants are ineligible:

  • Residents of Ohio and Virginia
  • Citizens of Puerto Rico
  • Employees of Jaguar Land Rover, Virgin Galactic, companies that have a related interest, and immediate family and household members of those employees

Additional Info & Registration

To learn more and register for your shot at a trip to space with Land Rover and Virgin Galactic, check out

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