2022 Range Rover
2022 Range Rover (Photo/Land Rover)

2022 Range Rover: Land Rover Unveils Its Most Luxurious SUV Yet

The Range Rover evolves yet again, continuing on its ultra-luxury trajectory while still very much giving a nod to the design ethos and off-road capability that made it famous.

Going into its 52nd year of production and its fifth generation, the Land Rover Range Rover is still at the very pinnacle of SUV luxury.

The 2022 Range Rover will also have the classic lines and features of its predecessors, like a clamshell hood, falling roofline, strong waistline, rising sill line, a split tailgate, and an advanced off-road capability system. It will also be the quietest, smoothest, and most luxury-packed Range Rover ever.

2022 Range Rover Underpinnings

The 2022 Range Rover will be built upon a new MLA-Flex chassis architecture that offers up a ton of upgrades over the outgoing model. It offers a 50% stiffer chassis and 24% less road noise transmission to the cabin.

Standard all-wheel steering on the 2022 Range Rover will allow the big SUV to have the smallest turning circle of any Land Rover SUV.

The most advanced air ride suspension yet will debut on the new Range Rover, a feature that debuted on the Range Rover all the way back in 1992.

The new Electronic Air Suspension has integrated chassis control with Dynamic Response Pro. The system actually primes the vehicle for corners using eHorizon data to read the road ahead. This system should offer ultimate ride comfort, but also truly impressive performance.

You also get a new five-link rear axle on the 2022 Range Rover, which should further smooth out any imperfections in the road for passengers.

Ultimate SUV Luxury

The 2022 Range Rover also has a new active noise-canceling system, similar to what you might experience with your noise-canceling headphones. The new system uses 20W headrest speakers and a 1,600W Meridian sound system to create frequencies that cancel out any outside noise being transmitted into the cabin. A calm, quiet ride is no doubt on offer with the new Range Rover.

Other new luxury touches are things like built-in Amazon Alexa and new luxury interior fabrics. The new fabrics are a combination of Ultrafabrics and a Kvadrat wool blend, an alternative to traditional leather.

Of course, the traditional split tailgate on the Range Rover has been elevated even further with a comfy backrest system. This makes the tailgate a great place to relax for a roadside snack, as the Loadspace Floor panel can tilt up to provide a backrest. This experience can be elevated even further with the optional Tailgate Event Suite package, which includes additional lighting, audio features, and leather cushions for the flip-up backrest.

In 2023, we’ll even get the first Land Rover with Power Assisted Doors. Yes, at the touch of a button the doors will now softly close for you, just like in a Rolls Royce. All four doors will be controlled through the infotainment system, so the driver can open and close the rear passenger doors without even leaving the driver’s seat.

Range Rover Powertrain Options

The base 2022 Range Rover SE will come with a 3.0L turbo mild-hybrid powertrain that puts out 395 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque.

The new engine on offer is a 4.4L twin-turbo V8 that puts out 535 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque. The V8 also offers Dynamic Launch control, which gets the big SUV from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds.

While it’s all dino-juice-guzzling power plants for 2022, the future of the Range Rover is electric. A Range Rover plug-in hybrid, with a 62-mile all-electric range, is coming in 2023. A full battery-electric Range Rover is coming in 2024.

2022 Range Rover Trim Levels and Pricing

2022 Range Rover

For this latest-generation Range Rover, you get the option of four-, five-, or seven-seat configurations. This is achieved through a regular wheelbase and long-wheelbase options, with an optional third row and a second row that can be optioned as two captain’s chairs or a bench.

The top-spec 2022 Range Rover will be the First Edition model, which is based on the Autobiography with some unique touches, including an available exclusive Sunset Gold Satin finish.

2022 Range Rover Options

  • SE/3.0L Mild Hybrid: $104,000
  • SE LWB 7-Seat/3.0L Mild Hybrid: $110,000
  • SE/4.4L V8: $118,700
  • SE LWB/4.4L V8: $124,700
  • Autobiography/4.4L V8: $152,000
  • Autobiography LWB 7-Seat/4.4L V8: $154,000
  • Autobiograpy LWB/4.4L V8: $156,000
  • First Edition/4.4L V8: $158,200
  • First Edition LWB/4.4L V8: $163,500

You can get your order in now for a 2022 Land Rover Range Rover. Deliveries will start in early 2022.

Already announced for the 2023 model year is the Range Rover SV model. It will come in both short- and long-wheelbase layouts, both with a four-seat configuration. The 2023 Range Rover SV will be the ultimate performance and luxury Range Rover in the lineup.

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