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Beyond Just Black: Leatherman Gives Skeletool a 4-Color Facelift

A classic time-tested multitool, the Skeletool now comes in four fresh colors that break the mold of Leatherman's typical style.
Leatherman Skeletool CX next to a neon pink fishing line on a reel(Photo/Leatherman)
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As of April 30, you can finally get this handy seven-tool multi, the Leatherman Skeletool, in colors other than black. Don’t get me wrong; a glossy black and silvery stainless steel aesthetic has its place. But if the custom Gerbers and Leatherman minis of the blade world have taught us anything, it’s that everyone appreciates a dash of distinctiveness, a pop of personality.

The Skeletool has been around since 2008. Aside from the Leatherman Micra that hit the market in 1996, it’s the second oldest Leatherman model you can buy today. Yes, there are a lot of amazing retired models in between. (Does anyone remember the Juice or the Z-Rex?) But sadly, you can’t get those in color, or even in original form anymore.

So, it’s only fitting that this little multitool that’s lived on for decades gets decked out in the latest trendy colors, too. The Micra got its makeover. Now it’s the Skeletool’s turn.

The Skeletool CX and KB: New Colors

Nightshade, Paradise, and Verdant: the Leatherman Skeletool CX color options from top to bottom; (photo/Leatherman)

Where the new colors for the Leatherman Micras covered the classic bases (gray, muted red, or classic navy), the Skeletool color options are quite different. They break away from Leatherman’s typical style.

The Skeletool CX ($90) will come in Onyx (a riff on black for anyone who still wants a neutral tool), Nightshade, Verdant, and Paradise. All of these are in the blue/green/cyan family. There are no magentas, neons, or blaze oranges. It’s an out-of-character choice for Leatherman and the first time I’ve seen the brand choose trendy colors.


Aside from color, the Skeletool CX remains the same: It has a 154CM steel locking blade, a carabiner and bottle opener, two wire cutters, two pliers, a bit driver, and a pocket clip.

The Skeletool KB ($40) will come in just Nightshade, Verdant, and Paradise. The Skeletool KB offers a slimmed-down version of the original, with a slightly upgraded 420HC blade steel and just two tools — the bottle opener and the knife. Like its CX mate, this one also has a replaceable pocket clip.


That’s it. If you don’t already have a Skeletool, you can get them now in various shades of cyan. Depending on how well these do, maybe we’ll see more poppy Leatherman color options come to life down the line.

If you’re curious about how the Leatherman colors are made, the brand put together a quick video to quench your curiosity. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at everything from carbon to Cerakote coatings. It shows how the color is applied to each blade in its custom coloring process.

Now, if only Leatherman’s black sheaths came in more color options too …

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