Lindsey Vonn
Photo credit: Snow Snow

Here’s How to Text Lindsey Vonn — Because She Just Asked You To

The former American Olympic skiing phenom promises she did not get hacked. She just wants to hear from her ‘true fans.’

Here’s a phone number you’ve probably never dialed before: 970-471-7878. Those right there are Lindsey Vonn’s digits. Yes, that Lindsey Vonn.

The now-retired Olympian tweeted the phone number from her official account last week.

And to allay any concerns her account was hacked, Vonn immediately followed the tweet with a video of her explaining her decision.

It’s unclear what the “something special” is that Vonn promised texters, but we received no response when we tried the number. Still, it’s a wild idea that’s sure to garner a lot of attention. And as Vonn noted, anyone who’s not a fan of hers “just shouldn’t bother.”

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