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‘Diversify the Starting Line’: New Run Brand Seeks Recruits for 2022 Race Season

One brand wants to make a big push to see more underrepresented runners on the trails. Here’s how you can take part in reaching that goal.

Moun10 Ultra, a new brand on the running scene, aims to diversify the starting lines of ultra races and marathons by recruiting and sponsoring underrepresented runners. This week, it announced its 2021 team of runners and team application for 2022. 

Moun10 Ultra’s founder, Bryce Denton, explained that the brand’s goal is to diversify — “by body type, gender, and race diversity.”

“Our goal for 2022 is to grow the race team to 50 runners, dependent on fundraising efforts, but we are committed to a team of at least 30,” Denton said.

Moun10 is actively looking to partner with other brands in the industry to help with fundraising. It will then use those funds to cover the entry fees for its sponsored runners.

But Denton noted that the real purpose behind Moun10 Ultra is to provide encouragement and support to runners who traditionally may not have it.

“The original idea for Moun10 Ultra was just a small race team, but we found there was a true need for this kind of community in the ultra-marathon space,” said Denton. “The conversations our team have range from shoes to packs, nutrition, stretching — you name it — and there have also been some really compelling and enlightening cultural conversations.”

Meet the Moun10 Team

Indigenous runner wearing Moun10 ultra brand team t-shirt

The Moun10 Ultra 2021 team consists of 16 diverse athletes, including 11 Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) runners. Eight of the runners are also new to ultraracing and will tackle their first ultra together as a team at the Dead Horse Ultra in Moab.

Runners also hail from diverse home states: Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Wisconsin, Texas, Montana, and Oregon.

For 2022, Moun10 Ultra has already sponsored five Native and Indigenous runners to run in the Crazy Mountain 100 (July 2022). It’s committed to sponsoring five more Apsaalooké runners, as the race takes place on native Apsaalooké land.

Interested in joining the team for 2022? Check out Moun10’s application.

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