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MXXY Hydration: New Reservoir Offers Electrolytes or Water With Twist of a Dial

Tired of carrying multiple bottles or reservoirs? Looking to improve your electrolyte intake? MXXY’s seamless new hydration system is here to provide a solution.

Last week, MXXY launched the first dial-equipped, 2-in-1 hydration system that delivers both electrolytes and water with the flip of a switch. During its Kickstarter launch, we had a chance to catch up with MXXY’s founders to hear about the new tech.

From the MXXY Founders: What’s New

MXXY is the brainchild of a group of college students built on one purpose: to create a more efficient way to hydrate and replenish electrolytes on the go. The founders used industrial design research, 3D printing, and prototypes, and worked closely with athletes (like professional climber Sasha DiGiulian) to develop the system.

We got a sneak peek at the prototypes and physical system over a Zoom call.

“One of the biggest issues of carrying water or electrolytes in a bottle is you only get one concentration of solution. Athletes need a different balance of electrolytes at one level of exertion versus another. And at the very least [the concentration] is a taste preference,” said Dawson. 

MXXY hydration system and pack
MXXY reservoir and dial technology, pack, and full hydration system

2-Part Hydration Reservoir

MXXY’s two-part reservoir design and dial system are proprietary, but the reservoir components are made by HydraPak. “We thought, let’s take the components that already work and not reinvent the wheel. Let’s keep that and design a system. And it was really about developing that better functionality,” said Dawson.

Dawson said the hydration bladder system is compatible with most backpacks, vests, and even avi bags.

“Finding water on a hike is fairly easy, but you don’t find electrolytes on the trail. So it’s the idea you can load up on electrolytes at the beginning, then dilute as needed along your hike or ride,” said Nicolas Belgum, MXXY CTO.

This system means athletes don’t have to carry separate bottles or extra electrolyte powder or tablets. And generally, users will have less to do when wanting to switch from water to an electrolyte drink during activity. 

“Our iterative prototyping was what allowed us to pitch to bigger companies like HydraPak, demonstrating that we had that product and could get through that ‘startup’ barrier,” Belgum said. 

MXXY Hydration Pack: How It Works

MXXY dial

The MXXY Hydration Pack consists of two reservoirs — a 750mL for electrolytes and a 1.5L reservoir for water — snapped together and hooked up to a pinch valve regulator and a single bite valve. And of course, it’s got the dial to switch from water to electrolyte drink.

The dial is tactile and color-coded, with five dilution options. Twist the dial for 100% water, 75% water, a 50/50 solution, 75% electrolytes, and 100% electrolytes. 

The brand has also designed an MXXY Base Pack bundle for the reservoir system. The backpack has a 300-denier polyester main compartment with a ripstop front panel. It also has other pack basics like an interior wallet and keys pocket, sternum strap, and waist belt.

The bundle (hydration system, reservoirs, and pack) will retail for $130.

MXXY’s Kickstarter campaign runs through October 1. MXXY expects to ship products to backers in December 2020.

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