Natural Selection Tour
Natural Selection Tour + Proving Grounds; (photo/@trevorlydenphoto)

Big-Line MTB Competition: Natural Selection Tour, Proving Grounds Team Up

The Natural Selection Tour and Proving Grounds partner together, fostering the evolution of mountain bike competitions.

The Natural Selection Tour (NST) has accomplished a ton on snow, and the Proving Grounds freeride competition has pushed mountain biking limits. Proving Grounds and the NST’s partnership aims to push progression for athletes while creating an event like no other.

The NST intends to meld its talents of hosting on-snow events with Proving Grounds’ dirt events. These hybrid events will introduce uncharted territory and will likely bring lots of heavy, live action.

Pro snowboarder and NST co-founder Travis Rice had this to say:

The top creators and riders in mountain biking are creating an incredible property with Proving Grounds. This is very much in line with Natural Selection’s vision of allowing riders to evolve their sport in the best venues with input and collaboration.

We looked at outdoor events and sports that have the most potential and where Natural Selection can work with passionate people in ways that can bring their vision to reality. Proving Grounds, like NST, is “by riders for riders,” and we are very excited about offering support to this movement!

Natural Selection Joins Proving Grounds
A rider sends a hit during the 2021 Proving Grounds; (photo/Katie Lozancich)

The new hybrid event brings the freedom of slopestyle, where the snowboarder chooses their line to match their strengths and style, to mountain biking. Men and women will be dropping into the course simultaneously, with equal riding opportunities and fighting for equal prizes.

On Sept. 9-11, 2022, the inaugural event will take place in Prineville, Ore. Check out the Natural Selection live stream page.

Stay tuned for more from the NST and Proving Grounds on this exciting new partnership. For now, feast your eyes on the teaser above.

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