Potato, Po-tah-to: How To Pronounce Tricky Gear Brand Names

Mammut, Vibram, Injinji, Fjällräven… All the brands you’ve been mispronouncing, demystified.

There’s no quicker way to lose your outdoor cred than to butcher a respected brand name. And it’s not your fault, we’ve done it too—there are some seriously confusing monikers out there (everyone gets Thule wrong the first time).

We picked some of the most common culprits to help you out. There are plenty more, so leave us a comment if there’s brand you’d like us to cover.

How To Pronounce Common Outdoor Brands

  • Teva: “TEH-va”
  • Vasque: “Vask”
  • Millet: “MEE-lay”
  • Thule: “TOO-lay”
  • Fjällräven: “fee-YALL RAY-ven”
  • Dakine: “duh-KINE”
  • Yakima: “YAK-ima”
  • Vibram: “VEE-brum”
  • Injinji: “in-JIN-jee”
  • Rossignol: “RAH-zig-nol”
  • Mammut: “ma-MOOT”
  • Salomon: “SAHL-uh-mun”