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Quick Sight LLC

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Made for birders, hunters, photographers, star gazers, and maybe rock climbers trying to point out holds high on a face, the IC-UC handheld spotting sight from Quick Sight LLC (www.icucquicksight.com) allows one person to direct a second person’s line of sight to a particular pinpoint location.

No more inane pointing. “No, it’s right there!” (point! point!)

It works by positioning two sights, one on either end of the Plexiglas harmonica-shape device, over the same point in the distance.

What you see through your hole, is what I’m seeing through mine. Simple.

And it works. I’ve been testing the IC-UC with my wife to sight birds on branches and other points on the landscape here around the neighborhood. No fuss no muss. It does what it says it will.

Here are directions on how to use this $18.95 product from the company’s web site:

1. Hold the IC-UC in the opposite hand from the dominant eye you sight with. Position your thumb on the spot marked (Place Thumb Here) with your index finger on the opposing side.

2. Holding the IC-UC out in front of you at arms-length toward the location you want to sight, place your body in the “archery stance,” like you are holding a bow out in front of you and your shoulders are aligned with your outstretched arm. This assists your partner in viewing their sight rings.

3. Place your sight on the location in the feild, center the small ring in the large ring and align your sight by forming a perfect donut with the rings and hold steady on the location. Now have your partner stand at your shoulder and sight through the opposite sight and align it as instructed above. The very moment they have the sight aligned properly their eye will be directed to the location you intended them to see.

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