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Spartan Race’s Unbreakable Pass NFT: Access Over 450 Races and Bury Your Ashes in Sparta

Spartan Races’ new membership NFT grants access to races around the world — and to a final resting place fit for a Greek warrior.

How do get your name (and ashes) immortalized beside a statue commemorating the 300 Spartan soldiers killed at the Battle of Thermopylae? And how do get your hands on a non-fungible token (NFT) that gives you worldwide access to obstacle racing at the same time?

Sign up for Spartan Race’s “Unbreakable Pass.” The obstacle race brand’s recent oddball, two-pronged NFT release consolidates both. It gives competitors a chance to be remembered as gloriously in death as they raced through obstacle courses in life.

Spartan Race’s Unbreakable Pass is a special membership NFT. It grants you access to over 450 of the world’s “most epic” trails, obstacle course races, fitness challenges, and cultural experiences in more than 45 countries. It also gives initial pass-holders a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity: to have their names and potentially their ashes enshrined beside a statue honoring the Spartan 300 in Sparta, Greece.


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Yes you read that correctly. Soon, construction will begin on a 35-foot statue in ancient Sparta. About 15,000 stones will surround the memorial.

Each stone will bear the name of an Unbreakable Pass holder. And 300 extra-special pass-holders (randomly selected “Super Rare” passes) can arrange to have their ashes buried under their stone at the site.

(Though, it’s unclear what would keep you from directing friends or family to scatter your ashes there regardless … if that’s what you really want.)

Spartan Race’s Unbreakable Pass and Events

Spartan Race’s Unbreakable Pass provides access for up to 9 years to all of Spartan’s global events. Three years of access come right away. Then, pass-holders can unlock two additional 3-year access periods by attending all “Unbreakable Events.”

Unbreakable Events will consist of 3 days filled with training sessions from some of the world’s most elite athletes. There are also celebrations with the Spartan community and daily feasts. And Spartan’s founder, Joe De Sena, will also be attending the events.

Of course, Sena has pledged to commit his mortal remains to the statue site, alongside his cohort of Spartan racers.

“The 300 legendary Spartan warriors who fought in the Battle of Thermopylae were focused on the here and now, and no monument was ever erected to their incredible cause,” Sena says.

“At Spartan, we are focused on the here and now. But we are also establishing our legacy and carrying it forward into the future. The Unbreakable Pass pays tribute to the brave Spartan 300 soldiers and immortalizes the modern-day warriors who fight every day to live extraordinary lives.”

The Unbreakable Pass grants access to events under the Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, HIGHLANDER, and other brand banners around the world. You can mint one with crypto on the Ethereum blockchain — or a credit card. Unbreakable Passes are sellable and transferable, and you can purchase up to five.

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