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Speedland Launches 3rd Running Shoe (and It’s a Beast): Meet the GS:TAM Maximalist

speedland gs:tam runniing shoe(Photo/Speedland)
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Big rocker, giant stack, and aggressive drop — the Speedland GS:TAM takes a home run swing at redefining running shoes.

With just its third product to date, Speedland takes a literal big step forward with its running shoe designs. Launching today, the maximalist GS:TAM offers up a monster 37/30mm stack with some on-the-fly customizable options to suit long-distance trail runners.

Built for 50km races and runs on moderate to technical trails, the GS:TAM continues the trend of its predecessors in the Speedland line with a variety of nifty features. Think removable and reverse-compatible carbon fiber plate, and dual midsoles — one internal, one external, one fixed, and the other also removable.

Preorders begin today with delivery on the flip side of winter, in March 2023. Here are the details.

speeland gs:tam runniing shoe

Speedland GS:TAM Maximalist Trail Shoe

Speedland first wowed us in 2021 with its debut SL:PDX, a gritty trail shoe, built for the worst conditions. With it, Speedland introduced the running world to its “modular” approach to shoe design — customizable lugs, variable cushion and support, and the power to trade in grams at every turn.

In keeping with that ethos, the GS:TAM has much of the same Mr. Potatohead adjustability.

Big Stack, Adjustable Cushion

The big update in the GS:TAM is the stack. As noted, it’s at the very high end of current trail shoe offerings, dropping from 37mm at the heel to 30mm at the toe.

And it’s part of a dual midsole system, so there’s a permanent beaded Pebax outer midsole that Speedland chose for its light weight, long lifespan, and responsive energy return. But look inside the shoe and you’ll see a drop-in (or take-out) internal midsole, too.

This blended Pebax removable midsole adds stability and durability, according to the brand.

Removable Carbon Plate

Like all Speedlands to date, the GS:TAM can accept a Carbitex carbon fiber plate. Sold separately ($35), this snap-in plate adds additional response during speed workouts and races. And it doubles as a rockplate.

Plus, it’s compatible with any Speedland shoe.

Upper & Outsole

speeland gs:tam runniing shoe

Speedland sticks with Michelin for the outsole rubber. The Fiber Lite compound purports a sticky grip and durability, and it’s pocked with 4.5mm lugs.

Up top, Speedland again offers up its dual BOA Li2 fit dials. Yes, there are seemingly infinite BOA dials to keep track of, but the Li2 system is noteworthy for its bidirectional adjustability. in plain speak, this dial can be turned one way to tighten, or turned back to loosen the fit.

This can prove especially useful in long races where foot swelling occurs. And the BOA laces are reinforced with Dyneema for added durability.

This all helps wrap the foot with Speedland “Spacer mesh upper,” a breathable knit bootie with suede straps that tighten (or loosen) around the midfoot.

How Much and Where Can I Buy?

speeland gs:tam runniing shoe

Speedland GS:TAM

  • Stack: 37-30 mm
  • Drop: 7 mm
  • Weight: 10.7 oz.
  • Price: $275
  • Available: Presale now; delivery March 2023

The Speedland GS:TAM technically launches today … for presale. To actually run in this shoe, you’ll have to wait for delivery until March 2023. GearJunkie is on the list for a preproduction test sample shortly before then, so stay tuned for our impressions.

Or, take Speedland athletes Dylan Bowman and Liz Canty’s words for it. Bowman won the Miwok 100k — and set a course record while Canty took first place in women’s and fourth overall at the Cruel Jewel 100. Both of them wore the GS:TAM.

The Speedland GS:TAM weighs costs $275 (no carbon plate) and is available for preorder today.

Check Price at Speedland
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