This Home Gym Comes With an Olympic Coach: Try the ‘Tempo Games’ Challenge

This home gym service now has a swath of Olympians on its coaching roster.

Even before the pandemic, home gym services and products were on the rise. Tempo is one of those companies. Founded in 2015, it’s a home fitness system offering digital workouts using real weights, as well as personal trainer coaching.

And in celebration of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, it just announced its own version of the Olympic Games.

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The Tempo Games: Train With an Olympian

What are the Tempo Games, exactly? It’s really just the gym company’s challenge to users to complete workouts coached by each Olympic athlete. The challenge runs from June 21 to July 12, and there will be 14 classes in total.

“The Tempo Games is a lot more than just a workout,” wrote Tempo. “Every workout is inspired by the training our U.S. champion athletes do daily.” The workouts will mainly focus on strength and conditioning, and cardio, though definitely more unique than what Tempo currently offers.

Don’t have a Tempo? That’s OK. You can check Tempo’s Instagram for more content from athletes, additional challenges, tips from the Olympians, and more.

olympians coaches
A lineup of Olympic athletes; photo courtesy of Tempo.

Here are the Olympians coaching with Tempo:

  • Carlin Isles, Olympic-qualifying sprinter
  • Jessica Long, 23-time Paralympics-medaling swimmer
  • Johnny Hooper, four-time All-American water polo player
  • Kyra Condie, Bouldering World Cup finalist and Olympic-qualifying climber
  • Letíicia Bufoni, multi-X Games gold medalist skateboarder
  • Paige “McFierce” McPherson, three-time Olympic Games taekwondo athlete
  • Will Claye, three-time Olympic long jump and triple jump track and field medalist

Similar to the NordicTrack Vault, the Tempo Gym consists of a smart screen display, weights and equipment, a digital app with classes and coaching, and more.

It uses 3D infrared sensors for body mapping to track and correct your form during workouts. The Tempo retails for $2,495 with a membership subscription of $39 per month.

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