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Is This ‘Smart Mirror’ the Key to Your Fitness Resolution? Meet the New iFit-Powered NordicTrack Vault

The NordicTrack Vault brings the gym experience into your home with a next-generation smart mirror and corresponding weights that let you match the instructor’s form during workouts.

On-demand iFit video instruction, along with hidden premium fitness gear stored within the Vault, makes this a unique product for your home gym. Users are encouraged to check their form by comparing their reflections with the iFit trainer’s form, shown on the video touchscreen inside the 60-inch mirror.

The Vault is a gateway to iFit’s library of workouts for all levels and abilities. Workouts categories include HIIT, yoga, strength, recovery, stretching, and mobility — with an ever-growing library of workouts designed specifically for the Vault.

Home workouts correlate with a more active lifestyle, so with the Vault in your home, you’ll have to run excuses by your own reflection. Need more motivation? Check out the GearJunkie x NordicTrack Adventure Grant to help prepare for your 2021 adventures. It includes $7,500 cash, a NordicTrack machine of your choice, and a yearlong subscription to iFit.

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NordicTrack Vault weight workout mirror

What’s in the NordicTrack Vault?

In short, the Vault is an all-in-one fitness studio with top-notch training equipment and access to iFit workouts led by elite trainers. To start a workout, pull out the door that pivots to allow you to work out from different parts of the room. With the door pulled aside, the steel-framed base rack is revealed, and the weights, bands, and included towel are all within reach.

Set within the Vault is a 24 x 60-inch mirror, speakers, and a 32-inch touchscreen that (through Wi-Fi) connects you to the iFit system. iFit is the interactive connected fitness platform that works together with Vault to deliver the immersive, award-winning experience iFit is known for. Put differently, you can also access iFit on machines by brands like ProForm and Freemotion. The Vault works in conjunction with the iFIt system and puts its library of workouts and recovery routines at your fingertips.

A 2008 study found that people with home gym equipment were 73% more likely to start exercising than those without. Beyond just having the equipment at home, following along with instructors on a large screen, tracking your personal performance over time, and being able to find a class on your own schedule should keep things interesting.

NordicTrack Vault lunge workout mirror

iFit: Your New Workout Companion

Buying a Vault includes an iFit Family Membership for one year, which can support up to five user profiles (valued at $468). This independent fitness program has evolved considerably over its 20 years in service and offers a variety of workouts led by a team of personal trainers. The iFit workouts include full-body and muscle-specific strength training, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), sculpt tone, mobility, pilates, yoga, mindfulness, and more. Workout programming is created to safely and effectively deliver maximum results.

Adhering to an instructor through a workout means you’re less likely to let yourself off the hook by skipping your weak spots, and the structured routines are meant to warm up and activate the body before pushing its limits.

Proper form is important when lifting free weights, which is where the smart mirror should help. The Vault allows users to look right at the instructors leading them through the movements and motivating them to help get the most out of their workout. The Vault recreates the in-person personal training experience that is user-focused and engaging.

Free weight exercises are more versatile than gym machines designed to hit one muscle group. Having to control the free weight at all times activates stabilizer muscles, which can improve biomechanics and prevent injury as well as burn more calories.

Following the growing library of interactive workouts makes it easier to keep your routine fresh. And let’s be honest, you’re more likely to try new workouts at home, where you can fail and find weak spots away from the eyes of classmates looking into the same gym mirror.

NordicTrack Vault Specs

  • 32″ Smart HD touchscreen
  • 2 yoga blocks
  • 3 loop bands
  • 3 resistance bands (20, 3, and 50 lbs.)
  • 6 sets of dumbbells (5 to 30 lbs.)
  • 2 kettlebells (20 and 30 lbs.)
  • Exercise mat
  • Cleaning towel
  • Dimensions: 72.65″ H x 24.25″ W x 14″ D
  • Weight: 258lb. base
  • Price: $2,999 loaded, $1,999 empty

NordicTrack Vault Home Gym: Who Is It For?

Anyone who has thought about giving up on the gym or is stuck in their fitness routine should consider the Vault as a low-profile, highly versatile base for at-home fitness.

The Vault retails for $2,999 equipped with a full suite of premium weights and other fitness accessories, or you can buy a standalone version for $1,999. Both include the 1-Year iFit Family Membership, which can support up to five user profiles (valued at $468).

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NordicTrack Vault band workout mirror

This article is sponsored by NordicTrack and iFit. To apply for NordicTrack and iFit’s Adventure Grant, click here.