22 Trick Features. One Shot. No Problem for Seb Toots.

The obstacle course-loving maniac is at it again, this time crushing a 22-feature snowboard course in one take.

Seb Toots is no stranger to obstacle courses. The video of him bouncing nimbly over homemade obstacles on a basketball court has 95 million views, so there’s a good chance you’ve heard of him.

Now Toots is back with a new 22-feature course, and this time, he’s on a snowboard. It’s a thrilling ride, gracefully executed. The man is so smooth he almost makes it look easy.

But did we mention he completes all 22 obstacles in one take?

Runtime: 3 minutes

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Andrew Marshall

Andrew Marshall is a writer, painter, and photographer with work in publications across the web. Andrew lives, runs, bikes, paddles, and skis in the Tahoe basin on the California/Nevada state line. He's one of the few unapologetic cat people in the outdoor industry. You can find him on Instagram (@andrewmarshallimages) or Twitter (@pawn_andrew).

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