Grill Hauler, Cool Kids Rides, Portable Camp Stove: GearJunkie Week In Review

A recap of top stories, week of Sept. 4 – 11, 2015.


1) Weekend Warriors Make Most Of 55 Hours In Mexico: Go to Mexico, climb an 18,000 foot mountain, and ski down in time to make it back to the office by Monday morning. Better get moving!


2) Skin-On Kayak ‘Kit’ A Graceful Design: If you’d like to build a kayak with your own hands, but are slow to go all the way to, this kit could be a perfect compromise.


3) Vet Firefighter’s View: Inside The Washington Wildfires: A firefighter medic working at the North Star Fire in Washington state tells the story of Pacific Northwest fires from the inside.


4) Cyclists’ Dream Car? Honda Civic ‘Active Life’ Concept: Load your bikes into the specifically designed bike storage bed of this station wagon concept.

Civic Tourer Active Life Concept

5) ‘Bike City USA’ And Its Quirky Riders: Our video crew spent time in Minneapolis this summer to capture the spirit of local cyclists in a new video, “How I Roll.”


6) Biking In The ‘Darklight’ In Surreal New Film: Riding a mountain bike at night never looked so trippy.


7) King Of The Budget Blades: The CRKT Drifter is an exceptional value and one of the best knives for under $25.


8) 15 Awesome Bike Racks: Bike racks can be boring structures, or they can be awesome art like these made by Dero.


9) Hans Florine Making 100th Ascent Of ‘The Nose’: Florine will set out for the uncommon milestone this morning.


10) Dolphins Play In Australian Surf: Dolphins really are the original surfers, and this aerial view is a great way to watch them play.


11) Cannondale Recalls 23,000 Mountain Bikes: Cannondale has recalled 23,000 mountain bikes between $2,000 and $10,000 with the brand’s ‘OPI’ stem/steering tube.


12) Quiksilver Files For Bankruptcy: The surf, skate and mountain apparel brand lists debts of $826 million.


13) Infento: The ‘Erector Set’ Your Child Can Ride: Kits let children build their own play vehicles using just a single tool and the product is designed for toddlers to teens.


14) Road Trip: ‘Live Monumental’ Tour With KEEN: This summer, a crew from KEEN began a road trip across the country in an RV with a goal to gather support for protecting public lands.


15) Homemade Hovercraft Really Flies: 54 propellers, some tubing and a lot of aeronautical know-how went into this manned hovercraft.


16) Merino Wool: Ultimate Dressed-Up Travel Shirt: Libertad Travel Apparel marries the stink resistance of wool with the tailoring of a dress shirt.


17) Mount Everest: ‘Open’ For Climbing: Nobokazu Kuriki of Japan will be the first person to attempt Everest’s summit after massive earthquakes hit Nepal last spring.


18) Dogs Allowed In Public Pool On Closing Day; On the last day before this Calgary pool is drained each year, it’s open to the dogs in a fund raiser for the Humane Society.


19) Movie Documents 50 Years At Whistler: From an Olympic dream to North America’s largest ski resort, movie explores the history of Whistler-Blackcomb.


20) ‘Pedal Pooper’ Who Started Wildfire May Have To Pay: A cyclist who started a wildfire by burning his toilet paper might have to pay a hefty sum.


21) Just Add Salt: PURE Device Purifies Water Chemically: The PURE Electrolytic Water Purifier from Potable Aqua has an electrically-regulated chamber that converts briny water into a microbe-killing solution.


22) Man Carries Grill 4.5 Miles To Propose Marriage: This guy hauled a giant grill into the backcountry to make a romantic dinner. While the effort pulls at the heartstrings, hasn’t he heard of a backpacking stove?


23) Meet The People Of Ultralight Backpacking: Ultralight backpacking is a growing phenomena. Know who you’re dealing with on the next trip into the wilds!


24) Family Tent: The Nemo ‘Bungalow’ Review: The Nemo Bungalow stands out as one of the most family-friendly tents around. A family of four puts this car-camping and canoeing tent to the test in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area for review.


25) Wild, Desolate Lands: Off-Season In Patagonian Winter: The southern tip of South America is a wild paradise for the adventurous. The seasoned traveler will find solitude and wild winds with a winter visit to Patagonia.


26) Portable: Wood-Burning Camp Stove Packable, Light: The Frontier Plus is a larger, advanced version of a popular model used in aid work worldwide.