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GJ Week In Review: Apple Watch, Noob Ultra, MTB Underground

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A recap of top stories for the week of Sept. 10 – 16, 2017.

1) Apocalypse-Ready Trailer Transforms To Off-Grid Home

Storms, relentless sun, howling winds — the nastier the Earth gets, the comfier this self-sufficient trailer home becomes.

2) Monday Bargains: Three Steals To Start Your Week

Great outdoor gear at an amazing price. Check out the bargains from Osprey, Platypus, and Sierra Designs.

3) In The Spotlight: Pelican Brand Profile

‘Protecting all that you value since 1976,’ Pelican manufacturers coolers, luggage, storage cases, and more.

4) Couch To 50K: My First Ultra In One Month’s Training

One month to train for 31 miles of running across steep alpine talus and 10,500 ft of elevation gain? Cue insanity now.

Couch to 50K Ultramarathon training in one month the rut

5) This $7,000 Bike Is Made From Whisky Barrels

The collaboration between Glenmorangie and Renovo produced the world’s first bike built from whisky staves, and you can order one now.

6) Simple Security: Drawstring ‘Flak Sack’ Review

Yes, it’s a drawstring backpack. And yes, it’s tough enough to resist a slash. We put the Loc Tote Flak Sack to the test.

7) Ditch Your Phone: Apple’s New Smartwatch Goes Cellular

Fitness tracking, phone calls, texts, navigation, and heart rate monitoring on your wrist: Apple’s Series 3 Smartwatch just might be the greatest sports and outdoors wearable yet.

8) This Is What A Moose Attack Looks Like

Moose are big, powerful, and not scared of you. And when momma is with her calf, watch out!

9) Titanium Frame ‘EXO’ Pack A Top Choice For Hunting

What’s the best backpack for hunting? For our contributor, the EXO Mountain Gear 3500 gets high marks.

10) Aspen, Dynafit To Offer Uphill Ski Rentals This Winter

Ski uphill at a downhill resort. For the first time this winter, Aspen Snowmass will rent gear for those who want to climb the mountain.

11) Screaming Deals: Gear Savings Of The Week

Our weekly column finds the best deals from across the web to save you money on outdoors gear. Check out the deals from Leatherman, Osprey, Yakima and more.

12) Zipperless Zipper: Waterproof ‘Dry Lock’ Handlebar Pack Review

Tug it, pull it, pry it, but Watershed’s unique pack closure won’t pop open. And it’s the key to the brand’s latest waterproof option: The McKenzie bikepacking bag.

13) First Look: Best Products From Paddlesports Show

In August, the paddlesports industry launched a new trade show. These are some of the most exciting products introduced at Paddlesports Retailer 2017.

14) How to Spot the Perfect Campsite

We are a tribe in constant pursuit of the next real-life screensaver — that lakeside shimmer, a skyline pierced with granite peaks, ready to sponge up the last of the evening light. These tips will help you find that perfect camp spot.

15) Female MTB Parody Video Drops Truth Bombs

An all-female MTB crew led by Micayla Gatto uncovers some uncomfortable truths of mountain biking in a parody of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Humble.’

16) Emerging Gear: Outdoor Products This Week

Our weekly peek at emerging products examines the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design.

17) Best Backpacks For Big Game Hunting

We tested and researched the best backpacks for hunting deer, elk, and big game. These top hunting packs shined through.

18) Review: A Serious Sleeping Bag For Kid Backpackers

The Feathered Friends Flicker Nano sleeping bag gives kids a high-end option on a level similar to top down adult offerings.

19) MTB In A Cave: Louisville’s Hidden ‘Urban Adventure’

Above ground, Louisville offers countless miles of high-quality singletrack. Below, the Mega Cavern crafts singletrack, tacky dirt jumps, and the same weather, year round.

MEGA Cavern mountain bike underground louisville

20) Please Dear God Let Hyperloop Connect Denver And Vail

Denver to Vail in less than 10 minutes? Hyperloop claims it’s possible, and an announcement yesterday brings the dream one step closer to reality.

21) 5 Bras Every Active Woman Needs

From high impact sports bras to all day comfort bralettes, we’ve found the best sports bras for active women.

22) Archery Trick Shot Video Will Mesmerize

Archer Lars Andersen discusses the use of bows in ancient warfare and modern cinema. If nothing else, it’s super entertaining.

23) Cabin For Kids Destroyed: Big City Mountaineers Needs Your Help

A flash of lightning, a torrent of flame; the cabin was on fire. In the aftermath of a disaster, Big City Mountaineers is determined to rebuild.

24) Nikon Ignored Women and People are Pissed

When Nikon created a team of 32 photographers to tout its D850 professional DSLR, it didn’t include a single women. People are not happy.

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