Trending: Our Top Outdoor Stories This Week

A recap of popular stories this week, September 23-29, 2018.

1) Zip-On Bike Tires Are Real, and They Look Crazy

Overnight blizzard? Zip on your studs. Going from suburbs to singletrack? Zip on your trail treads. The reTyre presents one of the craziest bike tire designs we’ve seen in a while.

2) Goliath 6×6 Truck: Hennessey Brings New Meaning to Chevy’s Trail Boss

This monster Franken-truck will cost more than most homes — and only 24 will be built.

3) Retro ‘Steel Bar’ Pedals Revived: Prototype Testing Looks Promising

After a summer of exclusive testing, GearJunkie got a sneak peek at a wild new clipless pedal design for road bikes.

4) Can Thule ‘One Up’ the Competition With the Helium Platform?

Thule launches the Helium Platform: A hitch-mounted bike carrier that holds bikes in place without any contact with the frame.

5) Heads-Up Display for Cyclists: Everysight Raptor Glasses Review

Ride your bike light a fighter pilot! These sunglasses use augmented reality (AR) to show riders all their key stats from inside the lenses! Naturally, we had to test them.