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YETI Drops 2 Sizes of Its Fan-Favorite M Series Soft Coolers

With the addition of the Hopper M15 Tote and the M12 Backpack, YETI has expanded its line of Hopper softshell coolers, making the line even more versatile for keeping things cold on the go.

YETI Hopper Backpack, Tote(Photo/William Woodward)
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YETI’s soft cooler family just got a little bit bigger. This season, the brand is releasing two new cooler sizes as part of its “Hopper Series.”

The Hopper M15 Tote ($300) and the Hopper M12 Backpack ($275) are the latest editions to YETI’s revered soft cooler lineup. They include all of the same key features of previous Hopper series coolers. They’ve both got the same ColdCell Insulation, a rugged DRYHIDEShell made from high-density fabric, magnetic leak-resistant seals, and reinforced pickup points.

But, the Hopper M15 Tote and M12 Backpack coolers are expanding the versatility of the line with new pockets and different carrying capacities. Having resolved the design issue that resulted in a recall of its previous Hopper M30 Tote and M20 Backpack, these new coolers are ready to hit the trail, the water, the park, or wherever else you might need cold storage.

YETI Hopper M15 Tote

Yeti Hopper Backpack, Tote
(Photo/William Woodward, YETI)

Like any good tote, YETI’s Hopper tote bags have a beefy shoulder strap that attaches via quick release clips to each end of the cooler’s extra-wide magnetic mouth. Sling it over your shoulder and you’re mobile, ready to hit the trail or load up for a long day on the water. Or, carry it via the oversized grab handle at the top if you’re just going a short distance.

The new M15 Tote is a smaller version of the brand’s previous Hopper M30 Tote. YETI claims that the M15 can fit 35 cans, or 15 pounds of ice. The Hopper M15 Tote also includes a new kangaroo-style pouch pocket. Toss in your keys, wallet, knife, bottle opener, utensils, or any other small items you might be carrying.

YETI Hopper M12 Backpack

Yeti Hopper Backpack, Tote; (photo/William Woodward)
(Image/William Woodward)

If you prefer to carry your cooler on your back, YETI has you covered on that front as well. The YETI Hopper Backpack softshell coolers are great for hiking in a picnic or party, or hiking out your fresh catch. The pack’s two shoulder straps are cushioned to soften the load of whatever cold goods you’re carrying. And three smaller grab handles make it easy to pick the cooler up when it’s not on your back.

The Hopper Backpack now comes in the M12 size (a smaller iteration of the Hopper M20 Backpack) — retailing for $300. The brand claims its new size can carry 20 cans, or 12 pounds of ice. It also notes that the backpack is TSA-compliant and will fit in aircraft overhead storage.

Like the Hopper M15 Tote, the new M12 backpack has the same kangaroo pouch for storing small items.

Same Hopper Coolers, Better Magnets

Yeti Hopper Backpack, Tote

YETI customers might recall that in February 2023, the brand issued a global “stop sale” notice of the Hopper M20 Soft Backpack Coolers, Hopper M30 Soft Coolers, and SideKick Dry Gear Cases. Then in March, the brand recalled 1.9 million units sold in the U.S. and 40,760 units in Canada. The magnetic closures were failing and detaching, posing a serious health risk if consumed.

YETI told GearJunkie that the recall issue was resolved in the new versions of these soft coolers. The magnets are now sealed inside and fully encapsulated within the strip of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). That mitigates the possibility of them becoming detached and posing any kind of risk, the brand said.

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