Crazy-Good Commercial: Nike Women’s Riff Is a Slam Dunk

Nike showed us what crazy can do. And the response to the ad is equally off the rails.

Nike’s newest commercial features barrier-breaking female athletes from past and present. Tennis legend Serena Williams, whose recent antics on the court have been called many iterations of “crazy,” narrates the goosebump-inducing ad.

But a little bit of crazy also helped Williams win 23 Grand Slams, have a baby, and come back for more. A woman running a marathon was once considered crazy. A female boxer: Yeah, crazy. Chloe Kim landing a double cork 1080 on the halfpipe? Crazy.

Crazy good.


Julie Kailus

Associate editor Julie Kailus has spent a career covering people, places, and products in the outdoor industry. Julie can be found testing the latest and greatest in her favorite activities — trail running, mountain biking, swimming, snowboarding, and the underrated endurance sport of chasing two sons around the mountains.