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Save Money While Discovering New Timepieces: Watch Gang

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Watch Gang hopes to capitalize on the growing subscription market aimed at making customers’ lives more affordable and more fashionable with scheduled shipments of discounted wristwatches.

The Los Angeles-based men’s mail-order company, Watch Gang, has been gaining traction since 2016. It’s attracting a big-name clientele following, but is the service right for you?

Go to a website and pick a few watches you like. Select a pricing tier, and run excitedly to the mailbox to find your mystery watch each month or quarter. Watch Gang is that simple.

Watch Gang: A Mystery Watch Club

In each shipment, whether monthly or quarterly, you will receive a new mystery watch. There are a variety of faces, finishes, and bands to suit your style and needs. Watch Gang’s selection — from Seiko to Komono — offers a discount of up to 70 percent off the retail cost. If you are nostalgic for dad’s old Speedmaster, you can get that iconic look for potentially far less than you might otherwise.


There are three levels of membership pricing, and all watches are guaranteed to be authentic and carry a warranty.

  • Tier One, Original: Sturdy, everyday, affordable watches. Quality is a theme. Watches in this range cost up to $150 and a monthly membership is just $30.
  • Tier Two, Black: Here, you’ll find watches worth between $150 to $500. Score some sweet wrist candy for just $100 a month.
  • Tier Three, Platinum: Now we’re getting into the luxury watch market, worth anywhere from $500 to $1,500. June’s Platinum Tier included Archon’s tactical dive watch looking pretty cozy next to a, dare I say, timeless Villandry. Platinum tier pricing is $300 and available as a month-to-month membership.


How Does Watch Gang Work?

After signing up through Facebook or email, you thumb-up or thumb-down pictures of actual watches. This helps Watch Gang identify your ideal watch.

About a week after joining, you’ll receive your new watch based on your answers. If you end up with a watch you don’t like, well, all sales are final. However, the company runs a private Facebook group of over 30,000 members where you can buy, sell, or trade with other users.

Weekly ‘Watch Sweepstakes’

Beyond getting a sweet watch monthly or quarterly, Watch Gang members also have the opportunity to win some very high-end watches. The club’s sweepstakes give a lucky winner a TAG, Seiko, or Rolex each week.

“I added the Rolex giveaway to this business because I want to give someone more than a watch,” says Watch Gang founder Matthew Gallagher, “A symbol of something they’ll have for a lifetime and pass down to a person they care about very much.”

Given the potential, you might soon have a collection of watches that take you from shredding to work meetings and from campsites to weddings. Maybe you don’t have time to browse through a sea of watches and need a little guidance in the style department? Perhaps you’re looking for a unique workhorse to hit the trail with? Or you might even want a functionality-driven timepiece that offers versatility between the boat and office. Regardless of your reason, Watch Gang intends to get you wearing precisely the watch you want and need.

The website is straightforward and easy to navigate, but if you head over to their Instagram, you’ll find it hard not to smile at their cheeky and fun-loving posts that are peppered with old school portrait montages and parodies.

So if you are looking for a new subscription service or are a watch aficionado, then Watch Gang might be your new thing. After all, who doesn’t love a little mystery?

This article is sponsored by Watch Gang. To learn more or start getting watches delivered to your door, click here.

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