Drone Down! This Is What Happens When You Fly Into an Active Volcano

Bjorn Steinbekk has been filming the volcanic eruptions in Iceland for weeks. And for the big finale, he went out in a literal blaze of glory.

“This morning I concluded my 12-hour stream from the volcano. It was my way of closing a chapter that has consumed my life last 6 weeks or so,” videographer Bjorn Steinbekk wrote on his YouTube channel.

Steinbekk filmed the fiery-orange eruptions of molten lava that have consumed Icelanders and other onlookers worldwide for weeks, with unprecedented views from his drone.

In a ceremonious — and completely self-destructive — farewell, he piloted that faithful drone straight into the belly of the volcanic beast. And the footage is unlike anything you’ve seen.

Check out a 2-hour livestream of Iceland volcano flyover footage, which Steinbekk recorded with his drone on March 31, 2021.

Lava Livestream: Watch Drone Flyover of Iceland Volcano
Lava Livestream: Watch Drone Flyover of Iceland Volcano

Watch the Reykjanes Peninsula volcano eruption in Iceland on 66°North's livestream — lava, magma, the works. Grab some fiery snacks and tune in. Read more…

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