Meet the ‘Omelette Guy’: Trail Angel Cooks Food for AT Hikers

Out of pure generosity, the Omelette Guy sets up shop on the Appalachian Trail to feed hungry hikers. He doesn’t charge anything, and the serving size is as big as you want it. Trail magic is truly beautiful.

In New Hampshire’s White Mountains, Carl Spring — known on the trail as the Omelette Guy — is whipping up breakfast classics.

In the eyes of hikers, Spring is a real-life trail angel. He propagates what long-distance hikers call “trail magic.” As defined in the film, trail magic is an act of generosity in the wild and primitive setting of the AT. Here, and on other long-distance trails, there are no basic amenities of civilization.

But hikers still crave a feast. And that’s where Spring delivers his magic.

Osprey’s video profiles this unique and generous individual. On average, 1,400 hikers visit Carl every season for food, drinks, rest, or help.

Nate Mitka

Midwest born, Nate Mitka is based in the GearJunkie Denver office. He is an advocate of all outdoor activities and has developed some habits, like running without headphones, eating raw vegetables, and fixing the chain on his ratty old bike.

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