‘Chosen Confluence’: Bikepacking and Climbing Through Florissant, Colorado

This film gives us all the feels and gets us so excited for the future of cycling, bikepacking, and climbing.

“Chosen Confluence” is a new video that follows a group of four friends on a bikepacking and climbing trip in Colorado. But more than that, it centers on the importance of representation in the outdoors. Uniquely, the story and film have been created and told by an entirely BIPOC team.

Follow along with Rachel Olzer and Jalen Bazile on a dual-sport bikepacking and climbing trip. “Chosen Confluence” documents a weekend route along the South Platte River in Colorado and also reflects on the Black experience within the cycling community.

“I had never experienced a ride with other Black and brown riders in Florissant,” cyclist Jalen Bazile said. “I’d always wanted to feel a stronger sense of belonging there, and because of Adam, Evan, and Rachel, it was happening.”

This film expresses one of the simplest concepts out there in terms of inclusivity: creating (or finding) opportunity, whether that’s bikepacking, climbing, or another sport altogether.

view from above of Rachel Olzer sport climbing on granite
Photo credit: Adam Pawlikiewicz

The Film Team

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