‘Inhale/Exhale’ Short Film Speaks to Healing Powers of the Outdoors

We’ve all had a tough year. Being able to enjoy the outdoors makes it better. Inhale, exhale, repeat.

Seattle-based photographer and videographer Kyle Kotajarvi is using his creative skills for good — specifically, to promote mental health awareness and how the outdoors can be a tool in cultivating peace for your inner self.

“I’m so stoked to premiere a film I’ve been working on for the past few months with Coleman,” he wrote online. “‘Inhale/Exhale’ is a story that we can all connect with in one way or another. Thinking about the collective traumas we’ve all been through this past year, I thought it was important to document this moment in time. How we’ve needed the outdoors, and how we’ve needed each other …”

Kotajarvi is a member of the “Coleman Collective,” a group of creatives commissioned by the brand to explore, tell stories, and support their communities year-round.

The film ends with a simple phrase: “The outside is calling.” No one can tell you that you have to go outside. But if you take anything from the film, it’s this: do it if it makes you happy.

forest trees bathed in sunlight with narrow path below
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