Filson USFS smokejumpers firefighter photography

Photos: Filson Campaign Celebrates Wildland Firefighters

Filson recently collaborated with the US Forest Service. The products are eye-catching, and photographer Cole Barash’s look at wildland firefighters pulls back the curtain on a remarkable profession.

Filson USFS smokejumpers firefighter photography

The United States Forest Service (USFS) manages more than 193 million acres of public land. Through the efforts of wildland firefighters, the fires, and sometimes the forest itself, is kept in check.

Cole Barash, an artistic photographer who’s work ranges from a small Icelandic village to surfer John John Florence, captured the intimacy, camaraderie, and action found in among working firefighters.

In just eight frames, he takes you right into the gut of the fire. Filson sought to tell the story with a series of exclusive products and photo essays, all on fire fighting.

The Filson – USFS collaboration contains 18 products. The items are joined with a series of photo essays on Filson’s website.

Filson USFS Photo Essay

Smokejumpers, helicopter rappellers, wildland firefighters, and a controlled burn are all on display. The photo shoot takes place in Region 6, which encompasses Washington and Oregon.

Peruse the images and feel the flames, smell the smoke, and learn a bit about these people who put their lives on the line fighting forest fires.

Filson Products For USFS

The 18 products tout USFS and Smokey the Bear logos. Blankets, jackets, caps, bandanas, shirts and water bottles are all available on Filson’s website.

Filson USFS smokejumpers firefighter photography

As with most Filson products, these carry a high price tag. The products are made in America and built with high-quality materials.

Filson usfs

For those with thick wallets and a love of waxed canvas, these are certainly luxurious products. For example, check out the USFS Medium Duffle, a beautiful piece that carries a $425 price.

Film: Fighting Fire With Fire

The project also filmed a controlled burn and displayed the camaraderie among USFS firefighters.

As stated in the film, “through their tireless efforts, 193 million acres of grasslands and national forests are ours to explore and cultivate – now and for generations to come.”

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