Chevrolet Off the Map mountain bike campaign
(Photo/Kurt Barclay)

Going ‘Off the Map’ With the Chevy Silverado

Go ‘Off the Map’ with the Chevy Silverado as we seek epic outdoor adventures in the remote reaches of the United States.

We track along with kayakers, mountain bikers, climbers, and canyoneers to learn about what inspires their pursuits and what guidance they can share on creating your own experience off the beaten path.

Finding New Roads

Discovering new roads and experiencing new places isn’t to be taken lightly. It requires preparation, proper gear, baseline knowledge, the grit to push through when things get a little uncomfortable, and the Chevy Silverado to take you there.

You’ll learn how these adventurers embrace this spirit of discovery as they experience comradery in the backcountry, and what we can do to chase our own “off the map” pursuits.

Go Off the Map

manoah ainuu climbs blacktail butte with grand tetons in the background
(Photo/Zach Burton)

Point and Go

Hidden gems often lurk in the shadows of the most popular locations. Having a Chevy Silverado allows you to take the off-road, the rocky road, and the path least traveled, and relish the solitude and seclusion of more remote adventure.

This four-part series highlights the physical, emotional, and spiritual influence these places have on our lives as athletes, guides, and ambassadors of the outdoors. Learn how to explore and discover off-the-map locations and how to go prepared.

Go Off the Map

Sea kayaking Superior from Keweenaw
(Photo/Kurt Barclay)

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