Hike ‘Step by Step’ Through Summer With This Black Diamond Athlete

Follow in the footsteps of one outdoorsman as he makes big strides toward the world’s tallest summits.

Black Diamond’s ‘Step By Step’ film, the latest project from the brand to share powerful stories of diverse individuals in the outdoors, features Andrew Alexander King.

If you don’t know his name already, you soon will. King, 33, is attempting to be the first Black American to climb the world’s 14 summits (the Seven Summits, plus the tallest volcanoes).

Andrew Alexander King
Photo credit: Black Diamond.

“As an African American man from Detroit, Black Diamond Ambassador Andrew Alexander King had to grow up fast. As he puts it, the first mountain he ever climbed was walking to school from 770 Asbury Park. ‘You didn’t know what was going to happen’,” the film description reads. “Now, he’s making waves in the outdoor community.”

This film shares Andrew’s steps — both physical and figurative — as he strives to summit mountains while advocating for inclusivity in the outdoors.

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