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500-Pound Marlin Drags Kayaker 15 Miles Out to Sea

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Most people won’t catch a 500-pound marlin in their lifetimes. These guys decided to do it from a kayak.

If you enjoy watching dudes with fish tattoos catching huge fish in crazy circumstancesbro, have I got the film for you. And, really, 1.3 million people have watched this 30-minute film of a bunch of bros on kayaks chasing a fish. They can’t be wrong, right?

If you asked GearJunkie Editor-In-Chief Sean McCoy what he enjoyed about this video made by YouTuber Robert Field, he’d say the following, because he did say the following: “If I wasn’t busy, I’d watch [the whole thing]. Holy shit, what a catch. Marlin on a kayak. I can’t even imagine.”

To which I said, “If anyone can sit through all 30 minutes of this bro festival, I’ll buy them a six-pack of Natty Ice.” McCoy has yet to take me up on the offer.

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To be fair, my favorite moment of this film is the highly suspenseful spot where the dudes think for a moment that their rescue boat won’t be able to find them. It’s vulnerable, moving, deeply worrisome. They just literally went marlin skijoring for hours upon hours into open water. And, it might have been their last fight? It’s a tense moment.

But don’t worry. They’re fine. And they just caught a very unofficial world-record marlin on a kayak that dragged them 15 miles out to sea.

Grab your White Claw, grab your sunscreen, and put on your favorite balaclava, cuz this shiz about to get real-real.

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