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The Best Gifts for Anglers and Fishermen of 2023

Finding the perfect fishing gift for the angler in your life doesn't have to be tough. Let us toss you a line with our list of best fishing gifts for 2023.

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Holiday shopping for the ultimate angler is actually pretty great. There are so many options for great gifts, and if the fishermen on your list are anything like the fishermen on mine, they can always use more gear on the water.

Luckily for all of us, some really cool new products came out this year.

Whether your angler is of the fly, tackle, salt, or some other variety, there are plenty of options that will bring a smile to their face. If you don’t find a gift here that fits your fish chaser, scroll on down to the end to learn a few quick tips and tricks to help you find the best gift for your fisherman.

Holiday Fishing Gifts for 2023

Orvis Pro HD Insulated Hoodie — Men’s & Women’s

Made to keep you warm and snug, even when wet, the Orvis Pro HD Insulated Hoodie is perfect for beating back the onslaught of Old Man Winter. The puffy is fortified with 170g PrimaLoft Gold insulation in the chest and hood, providing outstanding warmth retention on mixed and wintry conditions.

Its 20D mechanical ripstop nylon is tear-, wind-, and water-resistant, so it’ll thrive on the roughest of outings, from the lake, to the ocean, to the alpine. Copious zippered pockets and internal storage offers plenty of room for packing extra gear and other essentials safely and securely.

Check Men’s Price at Orvis Check Women’s Price at Orvis

Kane Revive

Kane Revive
Kane Revive; (photo/Kane)

I did not anticipate an $80 foam shoe to come along and steal my heart, but here we are. The Kane Revive is, and for the foreseeable future will be, my favorite fishing shoe. I’ve always been a dedicated Croc wearer. I have no shame. They are rad shoes.

Where Kane is a step above and then some is the fit. These shoes have a much more athletic feel to them, which makes sense. They were designed as a recovery shoe. The Revive has serious cushion, great grip, and won’t flop around on your foot like the looser-fitting Croc. They also provide a bit more protection than a pair of sandals.

Any angler on your list would be glad to take a hook to the foam of their Revive before taking one to a toe.

Buy Now at Kane

XTRATUF Unisex Homer II Slip-On

xtratuf Homer slipper house shoe

The Homer is a water-resistant slip-on lined with faux shearling for warmth and the brand’s slip-resistant, nonmarking outsole. An EVA insole provides cushioning and the nylon upper has a DWR coating.

Whether you call them slippers or house shoes, they still provide grip and support for downtime on a boat deck and beyond.

Check Price at XTRATUF

Tenkara Rod Co Kita

Tenkara Fly Co Kita
A successful catch with the Tenkara Fly Co Kita; (photo/Tenkara Fly Co)

Tenkara-style fishing has made a big comeback in recent years, and no one really makes it as easy as Tenkara Rod Co. The Kita is a cool little all-inclusive kit that looks crazy sleek. Part of that could be the fact that it’s made at the source. A Japanese-made Tenkara rod should earn the user a bit of creek cred.

This 12-foot rod weighs in at only 2.4 ounces, so it’s perfect for the lightweight backpack fisherman.

Whether your fly fisherman is already slinging bugs with a Tenkara rod or is just Tenkara curious, the Kita is a great gift to add to their collection or start it.

Check Price at Tenkara Rod Co.

Toadfish Universal Can Cooler

Toadfish Universal Can Cooler

It fits nearly every can and bottle, and it won’t tip over. It doesn’t get more simple than that. The Universal Can Cooler from Toadfish is a perfect gift for any angler that has a boat, kayak, paddle board, or just wants their drink to stay cold and not tip over. And that’s no joke. You can stick the dang thing to the side of your boat (before opening your can, of course), and it will stay. There’s some serious suction to this puppy.

The big perk of the Universal Can Cooler can likely be derived straight from the name. It truly is universal. From standard beer bottles to skinny cans to tall boys, your drink should easily fit in and stay cool.

This is one of those perfect gifts for the angler who has everything. Even if they already have one, they won’t be mad to have two.

Check Price at Toadfish

Free Fly Bamboo Lightweight Hoodie

Free Fly Bamboo Hoodie
(Photo/Free Fly)

The super-lightweight bamboo hoodie from Free Fly feels like butter and breathes like you aren’t wearing it at all. The sun protection is top-notch, and the fit leaves room to wiggle without it feeling oversized.

I’ve now worn this hoodie fly fishing hot summer mountain streams and chasing saltwater monsters offshore. At no point did I wish I’d worn something else. It just feels good and keeps you comfortable.

The hoodie is offered in both men’s and women’s styles. And if camo isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry. There are nearly unlimited color options to fit the personal style of any angler on your list.

Check Price at Free Fly

Costa Del Mar King Tide

Costa King Tide
(Photo/Costa Del Mar)

Costa Del Mar celebrated a big 40th anniversary this year. In recognition of the achievement, the brand released the King Tide. This particular pair of shades has a super cool look while providing serious protection.

With a medium wrap, removable side shields, and a handful of different polarized lens finishes, these would be an incredible gift for any angler who spends a lot of time on the water and wants to protect their eyes.

For those stubborn fishermen who don’t seem to care about protection, you can just let them know that the lens technology will cut through glare and let them see target fish far better than they could before.

Check Price at Costa Del Mar



The GoBoat is one of the first products I’ve seen in a long time that got me giddy. No joke, as soon as I saw two guys essentially playing bumper cars on the water with these things, I knew I needed one.

It comes with everything you need (except a few small marine batteries) to get on the water and get fishing. With the included trolling motor, you can buzz around to places you couldn’t easily maneuver to before. The stability of the thing is wild. You can stand and cast with ease without the worry of flipping.

If I’m being totally honest, this is just fun, fishing or not. It fits in a carry case that can easily be tossed into any vehicle and inflates quickly and easily. It’s an absolute blast that I’ve loved testing this year. Any angler on your list would definitely love it as well.

Check Price at GoBoat

Shimano Lures

Shimano Lures

If there is a pain greater than losing your favorite lure, I don’t know what it is. Well, at least temporarily. Every angler knows the ache of feeling that snag break free without your lucky crankbait in tow. It’s brutal. Luckily, Shimano offers nearly unlimited lures that are tested and perfected for just about every style of fishing. If there’s one thing tackle fisherman can always use more of, it’s tackle.

If you aren’t sure what style or type of lure to get, go snoop. Get access to a tackle box and give it a peak. Then hop over to Shimano and get something that looks similar. Worst-case scenario, you get the angler on your list something new to try. Who knows? It might end up being their new lucky duck.

Check Out Shimano Lures on Amazon

YETI LoadOut GoBox


The trusty YETI GoBox is everyone’s favorite for a reason. It is indestructible. I have one in my canoe, one on the boat, and a few stacked here and there filled with all sorts of fishing treasures. They are air- and watertight, have great storage in the lid, and have dividers and removable trays inside.

If you have a fisherman who brings along gear that absolutely cannot get wet, this is a perfect gift. If your angler happens to be of the saltwater variety, this can help elongate the lifetime of gear by keeping things dry and salt-creep-free.

I use them for all sorts of storage solutions. One of my GoBoxes is filled with fly fishing gear that I don’t want destroyed by the dusty backroads in the back of my truck.

Check Out GoBoxes at Yeti

Turtle Box X Mossy Oak

Turtle Box Mossy Oak
(Photo/Turtle Box)

I get it. This is a collaboration aimed at hunters. However, I don’t know many fishermen who wouldn’t love it. Turtle Box has become the ultimate outdoor speaker for just about everyone I know. They hold battery for a long time, and they pump out some serious volume while doing it.

After having one on our boat, the few times we’ve forgotten it felt like we were somehow missing an important piece of gear. It’s just become a part of our fishing experience.

If you have an angler who loves their tunes, this is a gift that will get a lot of use, on and off the water.

If none of these gifts fit the bill for the angler on your list, we can still help you find what you need.

Check Price at Turtle Box

How to Buy Fishing Gifts

If you have a fisherman on your list, you’re in luck. People who fish are actually pretty easy to shop for.

Find Out What Style of Fishing Your Angler Does

Mahi Mahi Fishing
Fishing the Caribbean; (photo/Rachelle Schrute)

If you happen to have a fisherman on your list who spends their time in the tropics fishing, they might be a bit bummed to get bass lures. The same goes for a fly fisherman who opens a gift of monster treble hooks.

Take a bit of time to learn more about what style of fishing the angler in your life does — not only the style but also look into what their target species is. If you know they spend their time chasing trout on the fly, you’ll give a better gift. If they live and breathe bass, look for products that are specifically made for that species.

When you aren’t sure, go with something universal. A sun shirt or a waterproof speaker can be enjoyed by just about any fisherman.

Listen to Their Fish Tales

A Redfish I’m sure I described as twice this size; (photo/Rachelle Schrute)

If there’s one thing fishermen love to do more than fishing, it’s telling fishing stories. You can learn a lot about your fisherman by listening to these tall tales and picking up clues.

Did they lose the biggest fish of their lifetime to a faulty net? There’s your gift idea.

Were they talking about how their reel kept getting jammed up, but they overcame it to land a monster? Sounds like a new reel should be in the shopping cart.

When in Doubt, Go With the Basics

(Photo/Sean Jansen)

Fly anglers need flies. If they have hundreds of flies, I assure you, they need more. That’s the great thing about buying gifts for fishermen. So many of the items we use to fish are, unfortunately, disposable. That means things like tackle, lines, and other little pieces of gear have a short lifespan for reasons of wear or loss.

You can’t go wrong with a little gift package of the abusables. This might need a bit more knowledge on your part as far as what little pieces of gear to get, but don’t shy away from walking into a sporting goods store and asking. They’ll be more than happy to point you in the direction of the best lines, leaders, flies, lures, and other little gadgets you angler will be stoked about.

If all else fails, you know the drill. It’s the season of the gift card.

Why You Should Trust Us

Pike Fishing
A personal best pike in Montana; (photo/Rachelle Schrute)

I’ve been fortunate to fish in all sorts of different places after all sorts of different species. Luckily, I grew up fishing in the mountain streams of Montana, so I have a lifetime of fishing experience in that tight little niche. Since then, I’ve fished everywhere from the frigid lakes of Iceland to the teal blue waters of the Dominican Republic. Of all the fishing I’ve done the least of, I can finally say I’ve even landed some pretty epic bass.

I’ve been surrounded by every piece of fishing gear you can imagine.

That all being said, I know what it’s like to both shop for and receive fishing gifts. I’ve been on the receiving end of some pretty poorly thought-out ones, too. If I can help you pick out a gift that doesn’t get that look of thinly veiled disappointment, I’ll consider it my great honor.

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