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It’s Hip to Be Square: Canyon Coolers Outfitter 125 Review

The Outfitter 125 is among the top options for keeping hunters’ hard-earned wild game meat cool and ready for packaging.

Canyon Coolers Outfitter 125(Photo/Joshua Kirchner)
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There is nothing like a good hunting camp. It’s good vibes all around with fall in the air, and ambition to fill the cooler with wild game is at an all-time high. The task of keeping hard-earned game meat cool in the field is one that hunters take seriously. It involves trust.

I’ve been eyeing Canyon Coolers for years. Not just because I’m a fellow Arizona resident but also because I’ve literally never heard a bad thing about the brand. The Outfitter 125 seemed right up my alley. I needed something to keep at the truck while backpack hunting in the wilderness for a week at a time. And something big enough to fit deer-size quartered wild game.

In short: Whether it’s storing food and drink or your wild venison, the Outfitter 125 from Canyon Coolers is a solid addition to any hunting camp.

Outfitter 125 Quart Coolers


  • Material Rotomolded kayak plastic
  • Size 126 qts.
  • Weight 41 lbs.


  • More narrow length makes for easier carrying
  • 3 latches (more even seal)
  • Grizzly bear certified


  • Might slide around in the bed of a truck

Canyon Coolers Outfitter 125 Review


The Outfitter 125 from Canyon Coolers is a hard-sided 126-quart cooler made with rotomolded kayak plastic. Insulation is crafted by environmentally friendly dense foam. You’ll be lifting 41 pounds of ruggedness to get this up in your rig, and you’ll do so by way of the conveniently located rope-like handles on the sides of the cooler.

The lid is held down by EZ-Cam latches, which remain out of the way when you don’t need them and are there for when you do. Oh, and let me not forget. These are grizzly bear certified.

Canyon Coolers Outfitter 125
(Photo/Joshua Kirchner)

Canyon rates this cooler as being able to keep ice for 5-10 days, depending on the environmental conditions, of course. They also say a person can fit a boned-out elk quarter or whole whitetail deer in the cooler as well, just to give some perspective on size.

Interior dimensions are 27 x 15 x 16 inches, and exterior dimensions are 34.25 x 20.25 x 20.5 inches. Every cooler has one drain plug, and Canyon offers accessories like baskets and whatnot if you’d like to add that to the cooler.


EZ-Cam Latches

EZ-Cam Latches
(Photo/Joshua Kirchner)

One of the coolest features of this cooler is the EZ-Cam latches. These reside in a molded seat, making them even with the outside of the cooler, meaning that these don’t get in the way at all. And by simply lifting up the bottom of each one (there are three) and then pushing the top up, boom, Bob is your uncle.

They close equally easily, too. There are no hard-to-snap latches or worry about them breaking in transit. It’s a great design for a great cooler.

Packable Shape

Another interesting feature of these coolers is the shape. It isn’t the traditional longer rectangle type. The Canyon Outfitter more resembles a square. This does two things. It makes the cooler easier for one person to carry because our arms are only so long. And it takes up less room lengthwise, which opens up more room for just general packing.

Lifetime No-Hassle Warranty

Canyon Coolers Outfitter Quart 125
(Photo/Joshua Kirchner)

When you buy a Canyon Cooler, you’re also buying the Canyon Cooler “Sh** Happens Warranty.” Canyon understands and wants its customers to use these coolers, not have them be garage ornaments.

Because of this, Canyon will cover up to one free replacement cooler (per cooler purchased), free drain plug, latch, wheel, handle, or strap replacement up to three times. These coolers are built to last, and Canyon Coolers stands behind that.

My Experience

Living in Arizona, my opinion on coolers and their effectiveness is probably a little more harsh than others. Our daytime temps here are oftentimes north of 110 degrees, so you might say coolers get a run for their money.

Outfitter 125 Quart Coolers
(Photo/Joshua Kirchner)

The first time I saw the Outfitter 125, I had a good feeling. A few things that stood out to me were the material and the three latches, rather than the standard of two latches on many other comparable coolers. This provides a more even seal, in my opinion, and leaves less room for the lid to potentially warp and compromise the seal. And the material itself didn’t seem like it would even be prone to warping like others I’ve used.

One of the first tests I do on a cooler is I fill it with five or six blocks of ice and leave it in the back of my truck for about a week. During this time, I don’t drain the cooler at all, because this mimics me being backpacked into a wilderness for long stretches.

During the blistering heat of the summer, after 4 days in 110-plus-degree weather in the back of my truck, the ice was still present. After a week, it was totally melted. This told me that during the fall when temps are much milder, the cooler would perform great.

Outfitter Quart 125
(Photo/Joshua Kirchner)

I’ve taken this cooler through about a dozen hunts at this point and hauled all manner of critters home with it. In the past, I’ve had bad luck with lids of coolers warping in changing temperatures. When this happens, the seal of the cooler is compromised. I’m happy to say I haven’t had that issue once with the Outfitter 125. Kudos to Canyon Coolers on this.

What’s Wrong

This is my go-to cooler right now, but there is something that I wish was different. I wish there was better traction on the bottom of the cooler. In the back of my truck, with a bed liner, the Outfitter slides around. Of course, this doesn’t happen on the highway or driving around town. It more so happens when I’m tackling some sort of dirt road with inclines, declines, bumps, etc.

I’m not worried about the cooler at all here. It’s built tough as all get out and can handle being thrown around. It’s a more personal preference not to hear the cooler bang around in the bed of my truck.

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Closing Thoughts

Canyon Coolers Outfitter 125 Quart Cooler
(Photo/Joshua Kirchner)

When the sun says its goodbyes, I’m stoked on the Outfitter 125 from Canyon Coolers. Whether I’m using it for a family camping trip or loading it with fresh venison from the field, I have no doubt it’s going to do what I need it to do — keep stuff cold! And it does that in style because let me tell you, it’s a looker. Canyon Coolers has earned my trust on this one.

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