Elk Calling Contest: Take This Challenge With Hunter Randy Newberg

Got your cow calling down pat? Take this challenge and see if you can beat out your friends.

Big game hunter Randy Newberg gathered his employees a few weeks back for the most epic reason: an elk calling contest. (Yeah, we’ll count this as “work.”) Think your cow call and bugling is up to snuff?

Randy’s sure is. And so are his employees’. But only one caller can reign supreme. (Find out who beat out Randy in the video above.)

Here’s how the calling contest works (if you want to replicate your own):

  • Every participant gets one call, and one bugle.
  • Nominate one person (maybe the most seasoned hunter in your group) as the judge.
  • Each participant gets 30 seconds of cow calling and 30 seconds of bugling.
  • Each person gets a score (out of 10) on each, and the top two callers go to the finals.
  • The winner gets bragging rights, and whatever else you decide on!

Competition is fun and healthy. This is a great way to get out there and practice your calls!

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