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First Lite Launches Typha: A Full Kit for Waterfowl Hunters

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MeatEater announced the new First Lite waterfowl hunting line back in January. It hit shelves this week.

Called the Typha line, First Lite’s new waterfowl hunting apparel comes with a dedicated video series. “Duckmade” chronicles the First Lite team’s adventures chasing ducks and geese from one flyway to the other.

Venturing into this new genre of hunting is just the beginning of First Lite’s journey into the world of the feathered chase. This expansion includes plans for more video content including new seasons of “Duck Lore” and “Duck Camp Dinners.”

The First Lite Waterfowl Collection is available in its namesake camo pattern, Typha. It offers head-to-toe apparel and field accessories to form a complete system for the waterfowl hunter.

From boots to blinds, First Lite now offers everything you need to bring Donald home for dinner.

First Lite Waterfowl Collection: Typha

The newest line from First Lite is all-encompassing. It includes bibs, jackets, parkas, gloves, hats, boots, bags, blinds, and more. When MeatEater first announced the new gear genre, very few specifics were released. The sheer number of products is impressive.

For non-clothing gear, First Lite partnered with established wing shooting brand Tanglefree. The collab pulls together Typha-laden gear like layout blinds, dog vests, gun slings, decoy bags, and more.

To be clear, we have not yet tested any of this gear. But the specs alone have us very excited to take it into the field.

Key First Lite Waterfowl Pieces

Typha Refuge Bib

First Lite Refuge Bib

The Refuge Bib ($500) has a waterproof polyester shell with strategically loaded insulation. The seat boasts 300 g of synthetic fill, and the legs have 200 g, giving you insulation where you need it most. Both the knees and seat have a layer of 3mm foam, offering an additional barrier from anything cold you might sit or kneel on.

The back and body of the bibs carry 160 g with an additional 60 g in the built-in hand warmer muff. A merino blend sherpa fleece lines the muff to keep your hands cozy.

All this is to say: it’s a bib thoughtfully designed to keep you dry and seriously warm.

When it comes to waterfowl hunting specifically, the giant dump pockets are large enough to hold two or more boxes of shells, allowing you to reload quickly, straight from your pockets.

Full-length side zips allow you to strip these things off and put them back on without having to pull your boots off. While wearing, that feature offers huge vents when the day starts to warm up.

With magnet pocket closure and a bit-in belt system rounding out the key features, this bib is constructed to keep you cozy when the elements are brutal.

Typha Refuge Parka

The Refuge Parka ($500) is designed to work in conjunction with the bibs to create the perfect kit for chasing birds. First Lite uses the same 4.5L waterproof polyester construction as the bibs.

The snap-off hood is both removable and adjustable, allowing maximum visibility while giving you an extra layer of protection from the elements.

Much like the Refuge Bib, the Parka offers dump pockets for shells. The hand pockets have internal zippers, giving you access to the inside of the Parka or your layers underneath without having to take them off.

Interior mesh pockets give you an additional level of organization and storage. Chest pockets have 200 g of dense footwear insulation to keep game calls or cellphones from freezing.

The Parka features a built-in wading belt capable of cinching up tight and high if you’re wading through deeper water.

Casting stripes are strategically placed under the arms, designed to catch your pup’s eye from a distance.

For boat hunters, the Parka features D-rings specifically for a motor kill switch.

Typha LZ Jacket

First Lite Typha LZ Jacket

For warmer days that require lighter insulation, the Typha LZ Jacket ($400) offers all of the perks of the Parka with less bulk.

The adjustable, turret-style hood is stowable with a flip-up brim. It has the same built-in wading belt system as the Parka, allowing a high and tight cinch for wet situations.

A magnetic call pocket with drains sits on the right chest, with magnetic hand pockets set high. A dedicated phone pocket with a secure zipper fills out the left chest.

KitLink ports provide access to your under layers, allowing you to slip your hands into those internal pockets or into the hand muff of your waders. Tricep zips offer ventilation when you need to let off a bit of excess heat.

Like the Parka, the arms feature high-contrast underarm casting stripes, so your retrievers can have a better visual reference. It has those same D-rings that offer a dedicated spot to attach a motor kill switch.

Other Pieces

First Lite Dog Vest

Ground Control Pack ($250): A watertight waterfowl pack designed to carry everything you need

Kiln Hoody ($135): One of many merino baselayer options offered in Typha

Tanglefree Panel Blind ($330): An easily transportable blind capable of holding four hunters

With Typha decked out on so much gear across First Lite and Tanglefree, First Lite diehards can truly build a brand-forward waterfowl kit. And little birds tell us that more waterfowl-focused gear and content is in the future from the MeatEater brand on the whole.

Check out the full First Lite lineup online now.

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