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Gunner Dog Bowl Review: The Bowl You Didn’t Know You Needed

Known for making nearly indestructible dog kennels, Gunner set its sights on building a dog bowl that meets its own high standard.

gunner dog bowl closeup(Photo/Zach Burton)
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Founded in 2015, Gunner burst onto the scene with a kennel designed to withstand almost everything life can throw at it while protecting your canine companion in the process. Built in the heart of the USA in Tennessee, Gunner has evolved into more than just a manufacturer of indestructible kennels. Over time, Gunner has cemented itself as a premium brand with quality to back the price of its products. Today, they make a host of accessories to elevate the life of both dog and owner. 

Recently, the brand introduced a dog bowl — a seemingly basic accessory for a dog owner — priced at $50. A curiosity as to what could justify a dog bowl at that price point, combined with Gunner’s reputation as a high-end manufacturer, had me chomping at the bit to check one out. 

In short: Far more than just a pet accessory, the Gunner Dog Bowl offers a host of useful features that combine functional practicality with thoughtful design. Did it convince us that there’s $50 of value in a dog bowl? I think it did.

Gunner Dog Bowl


  • Spill-proof lid keeps air out, contents in
  • Durable and lightweight at 1.3 pounds
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA free
  • Stackable, and with a nesting lid when needed
  • Made in the USA – Nashville, TN
  • Options to personalize each bowl


  • $50 is spendy
  • Limited color options

Gunner Dog Bowl Review

The Gunner Dog Bowl

gunner bowl for dogs
(Photo/Zach Burton)

At first glance, this dog bowl might appear like any other you’ve come across before — I felt the same way. However, the details of this bowl set it apart from the rest and have fully convinced me that they are worth every penny. 

First, the Gunner Dog Bowls are made with heavy-duty materials that are impact-proof, rustproof, and still lightweight at 1.3 pounds each. These bowls are made to withstand the rigors of an active canine, whether you’re at home, on the road, or in the field. Gunner claims that they even ran one over with a full-size truck, and it was just fine.

Then there’s the non-slip base. No more chasing after a bowl as it skitters across the floor during a chaotic mealtime, and gone are the messes from spilled food or water.

Going further, the brand designed the base with built-in channels that release moisture. This keeps the bowl from trapping water and moisture underneath, minimizing cleanup and potential mildew growth. I absolutely love my dog — but she is a notoriously sloppy drinker, and there is always water splashed around her bowls. Knowing moisture won’t fester underneath the bowl over time is a peace of mind I didn’t know I needed. 

gunner dog bowl punchseal lid
(Photo/Zach Burton)

Gunner added a “Punch seal lid” that makes its bowls spillproof and strong enough to hold water. You press firmly into the center of the lid to create a seal that keeps air out and your liquids or food fresh inside.

But they didn’t stop there. These lids make the bowls stackable, so they are easy to store when not in use. More? The lids nest underneath the bowl to add another layer of stability to keep your dog’s meal mess-free.

If that wasn’t enough, these bowls are made with BPA-free and food-grade compliant materials that are resistant to absorption of water, dry food, or wet food. They are also dishwasher safe for when you just need to start fresh with a deep clean.

Finally, Gunner offers the option to personalize your bowl by adding your dog’s name for an additional $10.

The Bowl That Goes Everywhere

dog drinking water from gunner dog bowl
(Photo/Zach Burton)

These bowls have become a staple in my dog’s go bag — they come with us almost everywhere. You’ll find them at my house, thrown into a pack for office days, tucked away for long weekends visiting friends and family, and tossed in the bed of my truck for every hunt.

The reckoning for me was when I wanted to put the “Punchseal” promises to the test. I wanted to fill the bowls with water and see if they could actually hold up without leaking. Admittedly, I was skeptical and fully expected to find water to leak — so much so that I didn’t even put the bowls in the cab of my truck, but instead put them in the bed of the truck … just in case the claims were false.

I left them in the bed of the truck while we traveled to hunt one afternoon, purposely driving over bumps and bouncing things around in the back of the truck. To my surprise, they were completely sealed and didn’t leak at all. I even held the bowls upside down, and the lid stayed sealed. If for no other reason, this feature completely sold me.

Now, when I go out on day hunts, I simply fill one bowl full of water and one full of food, “punch” them closed, and stack them in drawers in the bed of my truck. The stacking feature saves space, and I can trust that the food and water will still be fresh and without any spills when I need them. Whenever my dog needs a break or mealtime rolls around, I pop them open and let her indulge — simple.

The Flaws

Well, it’s a bowl. It does exactly what it’s made to do, and it does it well. If I have to reach for some kind of drawback, it’s the price. Though, as wild as it sounds, it is worth it.

Other GearJunkies Concur

“Listen, I did half an eye roll at the idea of a $50 dog dish for my beasts who regularly lap from the toilet bowl or stock tank. Like, I don’t personally own a $50 bowl for me, so…? Then, I gave them a go and was forced to eat a bit of crow. They are rad dishes. They seal so well. I have no worries about anything getting in or out, whether it’s at home, in the truck, or at camp. These are my forever bowls and will probably end up being my go-to gift for the dog people in my life.”

— Rachelle Schrute, Hunt & Fish Editor

“I’ve really liked the design of these bowls. The punch-to-close system is so fast and easy, it’s kind of perfect for a dog bowl that gets dirty, cold, and you may use with gloved hands. I’ve been tossing this bowl full of water in the bed of my truck while pheasant hunting all fall. It doesn’t leak even when driving rough gravel roads, but opens and closes in seconds.”

— Sean McCoy, Editorial Director, AllGear Digital

Final Thoughts

gunner adventure dog bowl
(Photo/Zach Burton)

Blending proven durability, thoughtful functionality, and a clean aesthetic, the Gunner Dog Bowl makes a strong case for why it is worth it to spend $50. Aside from losing your bowl, you and your furry companion are likely to be using these things for years to come. And really, does it hurt to spend a little extra on your best friend?

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