Hunting Knife Reconsidered: Randy Newberg, Gerber Launch Field Dressing Tools

Hunters demand a unique set of attributes from their field dressing knives. And now, legendary hunter Randy Newberg has brought his expertise to the design table.

If you look at Randy Newberg’s business card, it simply says “hunter.” But it might be time to add “knife designer” to his resume.

Newberg, a renowned hunter particularly known for his elk stalking prowess, spent the last 2 years working with Gerber engineers to build hunting knives from the ground up.


The result is two new knife models launched this week at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas. We were on hand to check out the new knives and chat with Newberg on the show floor.

Here’s what we learned about the forthcoming Randy Newberg DTS (Dual Tool System) and Randy Newberg EBS (Exchangeable Blade System).

Randy Newberg DTS

Newberg dreamed up the first of the two new knife designs with elk hunters in mind. Newberg explained that elk hunters need a razor-sharp tool to make exact cuts during the big job of processing an elk. But at times, elk hunters also need a tough tool to slice through tendons, hair, skin, and external glands.

Randy Newberg Gerber DTS
The DTS with the tendon tool extended

Thus, the DTS was born. The DTS has two folding blades in one tool. In addition to a primary blade, Gerber designed the built-in Tendon Tool to handle tough cuts like opening thick hide, separating the atlas joint, and cutting tendons against the bone.

This saves the edge on the primary blade from dulling while field dressing big game, whether using the gutless method or the traditional open-cavity method. Fold it down and open up the primary knife for finer, more precise work.

Gerber Randy Newberg DTS
The DTS with the primary blade exposed

The smaller size of the Tendon Tool lends itself to ease of use in those hard-to-reach areas, whether inside the cavity or reaching deeper tendons.

The Tendon Tool is a very hard and strong D2 steel to hold up to rugged abuse. The primary blade is 420HC steel, which is easy to resharpen even in the field.

The DTS weighs 5.8 ounces, costs $60, and hits the market on June 1.

Randy Newberg EBS Knife

Randy Newberg EBS Knife

The Randy Newberg EBS refines the traditional exchangeable-blade model to create a quiet, compact carry system. With three blades and a carrying case, it tips the scales at just 6 ounces.

Unlike most exchangeable-blade knives, the EBS doesn’t use disposable razors. Instead, it comes with three re-sharpenable blades. The blades are stronger than razor blades, and the setup feels more like a traditional knife in the hand.


It has three blade types: a backstrap blade, a task blade, and a breakdown blade for the various stages of field dressing. When not in use, the handle and blades nest in a Quiet Carry Box free from rattling. The system uses Gerber’s SplitSec Tech for safe, easy blade replacement.

The EBS hits the market for $60 on June 1.

Sean McCoy

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