Expert Fisherman Prescribes ‘Tools of the Trade’ for Pupils and Pros

Check out Loon Outdoors’ new video with tools, tips, and tricks for every angler out there.

Loon Outdoors is proud to present its “Tools of the Trade” series, Chapter 2. The video series showcases Loon Outdoors’ product developers and ambassador anglers, and all the different ways they use Loon’s tools.

Chapter 2 also features professional guide John Fochetti fishing and exploring on the Lower Sacramento River, Lake Shasta, Hat Creek, and other local areas in Redding, Calif.

“’Tools of the Trade’ is about showcasing our ambassadors that work on the water and at the vise every day to make a living,” said Hogan Brown, Loon’s director of marketing.

It’s also about showing novice anglers just how many tools are out there, and how much there is to learn. There are tools for experts, guides, those who fish for a living, and more.

“We are excited to release Volume 2 of this project, featuring our ambassador John Fochetti,” Brown said. “There are few guides in the world that have guided as many fisheries as John and work on as many different bodies of water in a year.”

“Tools of the Trade” was made in partnership with Wade Deep Media.

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