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Major League Fishing Suspends ‘King of Trash-Talk’ Jim Watson

Jim Watson suspended through December 31, 2025. Major League Fishing may have finally had enough of the 'King of Trash-Talk.'

Jim WatsonJim Watson; (photo/MLF)
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Outspoken Pro Tour angler Jim Watson won’t be competing in MLF events until at least December 31, 2025. This comes as a result of his suspension by the organization.

In a press release, MLF stated that Watson “has been suspended for multiple violations of the standards outlined in the 2024 Major League Fishing Angler and League Participation Agreement and the 2024 Professional Bass Tour Talent and Promotion Agreement.”

No specifics about the suspension were given. The release also explains that his spot in the league will not be filled, meaning there will be one less angler on the water.

Watson took to his social media accounts to address the suspension, opening his rant with a laugh.

“Cancel culture has struck major league fishing and the bass pro tour. They got me,” Watson is heard saying. He also updated his biography on Facebook to “Suspended MLF Bass Pro Tour Angler, **Warning adult language may be used**.”

A letter Watson claims to have received from the organization states:

“Your ongoing malicious acts directed at Major League Fishing leadership, willful disregard for the Bass Pro Tour Sportsmanship rue (7 SPORTSMANSHIP A, B & C) and continued statements in derogation of the league harm all Bass Pro Tour anglers and will not be tolerated.”

The King of Trash-Talking

Jim Watson
(Photo/MLF, Joel Shangle)

Watson is not a quiet personality on or off the water, crowning himself with the title of “best trash-talker.”

“To be totally honest, all of these guys are better fishermen than I am,” Watson insists. “There are some days when all I have is trash-talking, so I have to run my mouth to make up for my lack of skill,” said Watson in a 2018 interview with MLF.

He might just have trash-talked himself onto dry land for a while.

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