Maven RS.4 Custom
The Maven RS.4 with custom colors

Unique Optics: Maven Launches Custom Scopes

No more does your rifle scope have to be just black, gray, and tan. This year, Maven gives shooters a way to customize rifle scopes with unique colors, dials, and turrets.

High-quality rifle scopes are expensive investments. Options from big brands run well beyond $2,000 and boast remarkable optics, durability, and performance. Maven tackled that market back in 2018 with the RS.1, a scope that competes with top-shelf, single-focal-plane scopes. Maven stood out thanks to price, with no retail markup.

The same strategy worked for the brand in other categories. In just a few years, Maven has become a respected name in the optics world with a unique direct-to-consumer model for high-end binoculars, scopes, and more.

maven RS.3 scope
The Maven RS.3 with some customizations

Now, the brand has launched a unique customizer, giving shooters a little more pizazz on their rifle. The customizer works on the brand’s top-flight RS.3 and RS.4 scopes, both of which are first focal plane.

Maven: Build a Custom Scope

The Custom Optics Builder is a pretty simple tool, and it’s kind of fun to play with if you’re into optics.

Just head over to the website and select from a bunch of options for your scope. Start by selecting the frame (the RS.3 and RS.4 are available to customize at $1,600 and $1,800, respectively). Then select the colors of your rings, turrets, zoom, frame, and base. Some add a little to the cost of the finished scope. Pick one of three reticles, and even add engraving for an extra $30.

Here’s one I put together in about 5 minutes. It’s probably a little over the top but gives an idea of what you can do.

maven custom scope

Is it an Earth-shattering change in tech? Probably not. But it’s a pretty cool option, and when you’re spending nearly two grand on a scope, you may as well add a little flair.

It’s worth noting that Maven also offers customization of many of its other products. You can give several styles of binoculars and spotting scopes the custom treatment too.

For those searching for high-end optics, it’s one way to differentiate your sights from the crowd.

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