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Thrill of the Hunt: Check Out Our Top Video Picks for Elk Season

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As elk season approaches, video is one of the best mediums for entertainment and education. Here are some of our favorite elk hunting videos from the net.

We’ve sorted through thousands of elk hunting videos to supply this list of the best. These videos are sure to supply you with nuggets of educational information, top-level entertainment, and stoke for the upcoming season!

Disclaimer: Some videos do show kill shots and portions of the field dressing procedures. This is a courtesy notice in case you don’t want to see that. For those moving forward, enjoy.

Elk Hunting Videos

Randy Newberg & E-Scouting Tactics

Randy Newberg brings this educational video forward, with tactics on using onX for elk season. He looks at the variety of tools in the app and determines how that translates into elk’s predictable locations throughout the season.

This video takes a close look at public and private boundaries—elk locations that are often unutilized.

Montana Public Lands Close Encounter

Joelle Selk sits down with MeatEater for an interview about her close encounter with a large 6×6 bull. The video shows her tactic of getting in between two bulls moving towards each other to harvest her cow tag.

As she patiently waits for the accompanying cows to get within range, a bull takes note of her recurve bow. And it gets close enough to sniff the tip of the bow.

The Land of Giants

“Elk hunting is about as good as it gets!” Joe Rogan exclaims about the experience. “And this is about as good as elk hunting gets.”

Cameron Hanes takes Joe out to a privately managed area in Utah. This location is known for large and mature bulls due to the management practices. Watch as the duo slips within bow range of the bulls.

Elk Calling and Behavior

This video offers a variety of in-field lessons from a knowledgeable hunter and caller. In the end, the hunter passes on the shot after the elk appears to catch his scent.

The breakdown of calls is worth the watch. The variety of cow calls and their meaning is presented in real time during the hunt, with information about bulls responding (or not). It’s a great educational clip.

‘The Linguists’: Possibly the Best-Produced Elk Film Ever

The Jacobsen name was forged into elk hunting decades ago by Rockie Jacobsen, elk-calling champion and owner of Rocky Mountain Elk Calls. Corey, his son, now follows in his footsteps.

This film highlights the history of elk calling and the father-son dynamic, as Corey takes his son out and successfully punches his tag. This is an incredibly well-crafted film.

Bull Elk at 4 Yards

Many hunters utilize the partner calling technique. Because many elk “hang up'” just outside of bow reach, this technique allows the caller to be 30-40 yards behind the hunter, placing the shooter well within range — if all goes well.

This video shows just how effective the calling strategy can be: a bull elk ripping off a bugle at 4 yards from the hunter. Start the video at 3:43 to jump to the scene. Raw emotion from the ultra-close experience to the wild bull.

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