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Sitka ‘Equinox Turkey Collection’ Armors Up With Tick, Insect Protection

The new Equinox Turkey line offers a vest and clothing that complement the specific needs of the run-and-gun turkey hunter, especially in the presence of disease-carrying insects.

Spring is nearly here, and turkey hunting is on the minds of many. And though some might think of turkey hunting as a less gear-heavy pursuit than, say, elk hunting, Sitka Gear answered that with an innovative line of gobbler-focused gear.

And the one component that stands out in the Equinox Turkey Collection is its dedication to guarding against insect bites. Though some may shrug this off, I’ve had a bad case of Lyme disease. And my own personal experience with Lyme led to severe osteoarthritis and major knee issues.

If you find yourself battling ticks in turkey season, this latest drop from Sitka is worth a look.

Meet the Sitka Gear Equinox Turkey Collection

equinox turkey line

The Equinox Turkey Vest ($249) is the non-clothing star of the show. With designated pockets, a built-in seat cushion, adjustable straps, and integrated sizing for all, turkey hunters are not likely to be disappointed.

In addition to the vest, Sitka released three new Insect Shield garments. The garments work to keep most pesky ticks, chiggers, and other unwelcome bugs at bay through a variety of approaches.

Enter the Equinox Guard Hoody ($149), Pants ($249), and Gloves ($50). Each is treated with permethrin, an insecticide bonded to the material. They also use bite-resistant fabric and a ton of the thoughtful touches Sitka Gear infuses into every product.

The Guard Hoody, for example, covers as much skin as possible to prevent bites and protect from the sun. This includes a built-in gaiter.

Watch the full video on the Equinox Turkey Collection here:

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