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Archery Bullseyes, Full Freezers: Victory VAP TKO Arrow Review

Victory VAP TKO Review(Photo/Josh Kirchner)
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Victory Archery is the undisputed carbon arrow expert. Its VAP TKO line is as good as it gets for micro-diameter carbon arrows.

If you are one of the many bowhunters today choosing to shoot micro-diameter arrow shafts, you have Victory Archery to thank. Victory was the first company ever to bring micro-diameter carbon arrows to the market, and it was with its original VAP. This needle-like arrow continues to stand the test of time.

Since then, Victory has released multiple lines of micro-diameter carbon arrows. And one that seems to be showing up in more and more quivers across the country is its VAP TKO. Victory describes this arrow as “the ultimate long-range hunting arrow.”

In short: The Victory VAP TKO sits at the top of the food chain among the best micro-diameter carbon arrows ever made. For anyone in the market looking for a “one and done” type of arrow that can do it all, the VAP TKO deserves a look.

Victory VAP TKO Arrow Review

Overview of the Victory VAP TKO Arrow

Victory VAP TKO Review - overview
(Photo/Josh Kirchner)

Constructed from high-modulus 100% carbon fiber, the VAP TKO was designed for maximum speed and penetration. Being the micro-diameter arrow it is, it also yields less wind deflection in flight.

There are three different grades in terms of straightness to choose from: the Sport (±0.006″), the Gamer (±0.003″), and the Elite (±0.001″).

All arrows come 100% hand-fletched with Blazer vanes and include both a Shok TL aluminum insert (50gr) as well as a 0.166 IP nock (8gr). The VAP TKO is offered in spine options of 300, 350, and 400.

Each dozen are also weight-matched with a variance of only ±0.5gr. The result is more precision and consistency downrange. It’s a killer setup from front to back.


Reliability and functionality are the results of this proven recipe of notable features. Here are some things that separate the Victory VAP TKO from the rest.

MAXXKE Technology

As we’ve covered, the VAP TKO is a 100% carbon arrow shaft, just like many other arrows out there. The difference is its MAXXKE technology, which is the way the carbon is woven together.

That weaving has a direct effect on how the arrow reacts in flight. The advanced 3K carbon weave results in less torque, faster recovery in flight, and ultimately tighter groups.

Spine Aligned

Victory VAP TKO Review - spined aligned
(Photo/Josh Kirchner)

Another notable feature that you’ll find on the VAP TKO is that they are all digitally spine aligned. This feature runs unanimously throughout most of the arrows Victory produces.

It means that the stiffest side of the arrow is marked. Knowing this location and being able to align your vanes and nock at the same point on each arrow provides more shot-to-shot consistency.

That equates to increased accuracy every time. It’s a simple feature with big results.

ICE Nano Ceramic Coating

Victory VAP TKO Review - ice nano ceramic coating
(Photo/Josh Kirchner)

If you’ve ever had issues pulling arrows out of targets, you’ll appreciate this next feature. Victory uses an ICE Nano Ceramic Coating to lend a helping hand where needed.

This coating results in a much smoother surface than most carbon arrow shafts, which has a direct effect on how easy it is to pull arrows out of a target and even aids in better penetration on animals.

My Experience With the Victory VAP TKO Arrow

Victory VAP TKO Review - arrows
(Photo/Josh Kirchner)

As an avid bowhunter, I’m always looking for any way I can to make my setup more effective, forgiving, and efficient. This is why the Victory VAP TKO will always hold a special place in my heart. It answers all of the above.

using the Victory VAP TKO arrows
(Photo/Josh Kirchner)

The VAP TKO was the first micro-diameter arrow I ever tried back in the day, and I immediately noticed that my groups shrink from what I was using before.

The smaller surface area just seemed to cut through the air better and buck the wind. Plain and simple, I was more accurate.

Then, there’s pulling arrows. Whenever a friend would pull arrows for me, I’d always get comments about how much easier the VAP TKO was to pull than others.

On the bowhunting side of things, unless I hit a shoulder blade, these arrows would always pass through animals. Years ago, I actually did a penetration test between the VAP TKO and several other high-end arrows on the market, and the VAP won every single time.

Along with the accuracy, that was the ultimate selling point for me. It’s an arrow that doesn’t weigh a ton but still has excellent penetration for better bowhunting. The VAP TKO is the best of all worlds.

What’s Wrong With the Victory VAP TKO Arrow

using the Victory VAP TKO arrows for hunting
(Photo/Josh Kirchner)

Now, I’m really reaching here for cons because I’m a big fan of this arrow, but here goes nothing.


For the most part, this is a fairly durable arrow, but it’s definitely not the most durable. On several occasions, I’ve had these arrows break on me. Once, I actually fell hiking back to my truck, and I landed on some of the arrows. Out of seven, two of them snapped.

Other times, if I were to miss a target or animal, they’d break more often than others. And on rare occasions, I’d have an arrow break inside of an animal.

I’m not a guy that reuses arrows after they’ve filled a tag for me, but it’s definitely a bummer when they break from other stuff.


Lastly, every once in a while, I’ve had issues with the inserts that Victory uses on these arrows. They’ve been durable, but sometimes they’ve gone crooked on me or started to come out.

I really noticed this when pulling arrows out of a dense target. I’m not exactly sure if it’s the design of the insert causing the issue, or if there is something going on with the arrow shaft in relation to the insert. Nonetheless, it happens. Infrequently, but it happens.

Victory VAP TKO Arrows: Closing

testing the Victory VAP TKO arrows
(Photo/Josh Kirchner)

Bowhunting is a game of inches. A series of things need to all go right in order to find success. If one of those things is off, you’re out of the game.

The Victory VAP TKO has “been there, done that” time and time again, and it isn’t stopping anytime soon. It’s a bullseye-punchin’ freezer-fillin’ mofo.

This is an arrow that you can bank on and, without a doubt, a “victory” for bowhunters far and wide.

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