WETFLY Releases New Line of Fiberglass Rods for 2021

WETFLY’s NitroGlass Antigua fly fishing rod is the brand’s second line of fiberglass rods.

The small but mighty brand WETFLY is a GearJunkie favorite thanks to its dedication to making fly fishing easy, fun, and affordable for everyone.

From Tenkara to nets to rod-and-reel combos for beginners and experienced anglers alike, its products run the gamut. We chose WETFLY’s Nitrolite ($200) as our budget pick for The Best Fly Fishing Rods of 2020, and we’re excited to get our hands on this latest rod and see how she does on the river.

The NitroGlass Antigua Rod

The latest rod series — the NitroGlass Antigua Rod ($235) — levels up its fiberglass offerings. Fiberglass adds a slow action and a softer, classic feel to the brand’s three offerings. A soft custom taper allows for definitive and featherlight placement of flies. And its design includes an old-timey “10 and 2 o’clock cadence” for accuracy.

These rods run a bit shorter and lighter, with the following offerings:

  • 3WT 6’9” 2.3 oz. 3 PC
  • 4WT 8’ 0” 3 oz. 4 PC
  • 5WT 8’6” 3.4 oz. 4 PC

I personally enjoy walking high-mountain streams and alpine lakes looking for feisty trout. And this rod seems to easily fit into that backpackable, easygoing way of fishing. Expect a review of the series later this year.

As of now, the rod is available for preorder for March delivery. Check out the NitroGlass Antigua in action in the video above.

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