worksharp mini sharpener tool

Knife Junkie? This Is the Tool You’ve Been Longing For

If you’re a fan of knives, you need to tighten some odd-size Torx screws from time to time. The Work Sharp Micro Sharpener is the tool you’ve been wanting all along.

Knife connoisseurs will recognize this scenario: You get a new favorite EDC knife and carry it for months. One day, when you slip it into your pocket, the clip feels loose. But you’re in a hurry and don’t want to run out to the garage to dig up that obscure T6 bit to tighten it.

worksharp mini sharpener

A couple of days go by. You forget it. Then one day, the screw is gone. Damnit! Now your favorite knife has a problem that requires at minimum an email to the manufacturer to fix.

What if there was a super-simple tool that would fix this issue forever? You’d buy one, right? Well, listen up, because you’re in luck.

Work Sharp Mirco Sharpener & Knife Tool

First off, this thing is cheap. The Mirco Sharpener & Knife Tool costs just $10. For the money, you get T6, T8, and T10 bits, a bit driver, a medium-grit diamond rod, and a fine-grit ceramic rod.

To be frank, the sharpening rods are a nice little bonus, but they’re not really useful for sharpening knives other than a quick touchup. They’re very small and, as such, not super useful. I see them as a little bit of extra value on the tool.

Worksharp mini sharpener tool

But I’m fine with that. The real meat of this product is the bits and drivers.

They’re as simple as you’d hope for. Just pull the bit out of the holder, stick it in the driver, and tighten up that pocket clip (and add a dab of Loctite if you’re being thorough).

Then, throw this little gizmo in your bedside stand and forget about it — until the next time you have a loose knife clip or need to work on your favorite blade. Then, you’ll know right where those bit drivers sit, ready and waiting, to save the day.

Sean McCoy

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