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Head-Mounted Light Cannon: Ledlenser MH10 Review

Ledlenser MH10 bright headlamp review
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Ledlenser’s 600-lumen headlamp is like strapping a car headlight on your head.

Rock climbing after work, without fail, always ends in darkness. The sun sets, gear is still on the wall, and headlamps flash on. Thankfully, the headlamp on my head was the brightest one I’d ever used, revealing small blips, fissures, and handholds in brilliant contrast.

Released this summer, Ledlenser’s MH10 headlamp punches above its weight class. The 600-lumen light is outrageously bright, and though it comes with some bulk, its weight is not a significant issue.

It weighs 5.6 ounces, offers 120 hours of battery life, and charges via micro-USBWe put it to the test over the summer for this review during climbing, camping, and hiking.

Ledlenser MH10 bright headlamp review
LED in front, battery pack on back

Review: Ledlenser MH10 Headlamp

The MH10 operates with one button on top to switch between three modes: Super bright, medium, and low brightness.

At low power, Ledlenser claims the lamp will last 120 hours, and 10 hours at max brightness. Charging it is a breeze. Most times I would plug it into my car jack via USB and get a full charge on my way to nighttime pursuits.

Ledlenser MH10 bright headlamp review
Green button controls all three modes

As for fit, the headlamp does feel a bit bulky on the head. The battery pack on back has some heft, and a short cable connects it to the LED up front.

While lighter headlamps let you get away with a loose fit, the MH10 will droop down if you don’t tighten it.

Ledlenser MH10 bright headlamp review
Rechargeable battery and locking function

Ledlenser MH10 Specs

  • One LED and rear red light
  • Brightness: Max 600 lumens (minimum 10 lumens)
  • Range: 150 meters
  • Battery Duration: 120 hrs. (low-brightness setting)
  • Micro-usb rechargeable battery
  • Weight: 5.6 oz.
  • Includes: Red and green filters, rechargeable battery, carrying pouch
  • Cost: $80

Ledlenser MH10: Caveats

The headlamp comes with small green and red filters that fit over the white LED. You add a filter to change the light color. It works fine, but our concern is simply the extra parts, as removable pieces can get lost.

Red or green lights work to preserve night vision. If it’s just a button to change color mode you’ll use it a lot. If it’s a filter, well, it may not be there when you need it.

Who It’s For: Ledlenser MH10

The Ledlenser is marketed to hunters (really, no push-button red light?), fishers, and the general outdoors enthusiast. While I didn’t hunt with the headlamp, the red and green filters do work well once added on.

I would recommend the Ledlenser for backpackers, climbers, and outdoors athletes where bright light is vital. If you need to see hundreds of feet through the dark, this light has you covered.

At this price range, there are a few good headlamps on the market that may be better choices. The Black Diamond Icon, for $20 more, offers 500 lumens (plenty for most anything) and a similar run time, but it has built-in red, green, and blue LEDs.

The Fenix HP25R headlamp gives you a massive range, from 4-lumen floodlight to 1,000-lumen spot, digital regulation for consistent output, and a built-in red light, for $102. It’s on sale now for $80.

For those who don’t mind giving up a few lumens or colored lights, the Coast HL7 Focusing headlamp is a spectacular value. For $30 on Amazon, you get 285 lumens. It does weigh a bit more, at 7.2 ounces, and runs on AAA batteries.

For the occasional camper, the MH10 is overkill. But for anyone who needs a powerful headlamp this lamp will ignite the night.

Ledlenser MH10 bright headlamp review

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