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Intuitive Bike Lights, IKEA for Van Life, and More: Meet ‘The Pitch’ Finalists

Next week, five upstart brands will compete for more than $5,000 in prizes and a shot at becoming a household name in the outdoors. And this year’s finalists for The Pitch are unlike any we’ve seen before.

If you’re a van lifer, imagine a plug-and-play solution to outfit your Sprinter. Or, if you’re a woman in the outdoors, imagine garments that make it safe, comfortable, and easy to relieve yourself in the backcountry. These are just a couple of the innovations that have earned five young brands a chance on The Pitch.

Taking place on January 29 — the first night of Outdoor Retailer — The Pitch enters its third year of vetting upstart outdoor brands in hopes of potentially uncovering the next big thing. If you haven’t heard of The Pitch or would like information on how to attend, check out our full rundown here. You can also register for free tickets here.

Here are the companies who will try to wow judges (and you) and take home a sweet prize package to grow their biz.

The Pitch Finalists

Outdoor Element

Outdoor Element Firebiner and utility knife

Outdoor Element is a Native American-owned Colorado company that designs and manufactures adventure and survival gear. The brand’s hallmark products focus on utility and versatility, including the Firebiner — a carabiner, firestarter, and multitool in one.


Cocovan van life build

COCOVAN designs and manufactures professional quality components for campervan conversions. It currently sells magnetic, insulated window covers for Mercedes Sprinters and RAM ProMasters.

The brand prototyped insulated rear door panels for Sprinters and is currently working on a universal kitchen design. In short, COCOVAN wants to be the IKEA of van life.

Rogo Fire

RoGo Fire

Rogo Fire is developing an advanced integrated satellite communication solution (devices and software) to enable adventure travelers and emergency responders to communicate and access real-time data in remote areas where cellular service is unreliable or not available.


SheFly pants

SheFly is a layer-able line of women’s pants that allows women to safely, comfortably, and easily relieve themselves in the outdoors. And it does so without exposing skin to the elements or other people.

This product lies at the intersection of empowerment and outdoor accessibility, helping everyone better answer nature’s call with patent-pending zipper technology.

Intentful Motion

Intentful motion Amp smart light device

The Amp by Intentful Motion offers a smart lighting device for bicyclists, scooters, and e-skateboarders.

It gives the rider motion (or gesture)-activated brake and turn indicator lights to help communicate their intentions on the road. Meanwhile, in the background, the devices model rider behavior to understand the way people move about cities.

To learn more about The Pitch, get tickets, and learn more about the contestants and judges, click here.

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