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9 Multi-Tools That Push The Design Envelope

For those wanting to spoon oatmeal one moment and repair a horse-drawn carriage the next, this list of crazy multi-tools is for you.

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The pliers, knife, and screwdriver are three of the most used functions on the average multi-tool. But this list is anything but average.

Over the years, we reviewed a number of multi-tools that made us double-take. A multi-tool shaped like a comb may make one person scoff, but another rejoice. A titanium spork multi-tool may seem overkill to one, but perfect for another.

These multi-tools push the envelope of design. A few were featured at the recent SHOT show, and others were introduced as Kickstarter projects. All of them, however, spark conversation around the campfire.

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1. Hair Comb Multi-Tool

The primary purpose of this tool is, you guessed it, a hair comb. The Hedgehog, created by Nate Barr, has a chip clip, four wrench sizes, a screwdriver, and of course a bottle opener.

hair comb multitool

2. Ultimate Titanium Spork

The Muncher is a $35 “muti-utensil” made from titanium. You read that right, a $35 tool for eating your dinner! All price concerns aside, it does appear durable with a fair amount of culinary uses, like a peeler, can opener, and bottle opener. It also comes with a ferro rod to start your fire.

the muncher multitool

3. The Mother Of Multi-Tools

Among 100 blades, several daggers, and shears, this tool most notably houses a functional five-shot .22-caliber pistol. While from the 1880s and a historic relic, it’s fun to look at one of the craziest multi-tools ever made.

largest multi tool

4. Belt Buckle Multi-Tool

Call it excessive or supremely functional, the SOG Sync line includes two belt buckle multi-tools. The implements are not as burly as a normal multi-tool, but work well enough for a tool that blends in with a normal outfit. They open into pliers and also have a knife, screwdriver, and file.

sog belt buckle multitool

5. Most Expensive Multi-Tool

Cigar cutter, fish de-scaler, laser pointer with 300 ft. range, the list goes on! A collector’s edition Giant Knife from Swiss Army Knife made our first iteration of “Most Expensive Gear,” and at $4,000, it certainly is not cheap. It weighs 7 pounds, has 87 implements, and 141 functions. Perfect for the collector, or the overly prepared.

most expensive multitool

6. Tactical Spork and Knife

Pull apart the handle from the spork and reveal a serrated blade. The Ka-Bar Tactical Spork is a functional knife and spork in one handy package. While it’s the least ‘multi’-tool on this list, who doesn’t want to use a spork as a sheath for a dagger?

7. Bracelet Multi-tool

“As stylish as it is functional,” is how Leatherman advertises ‘The Tread‘, a multi-tool bracelet. Within these link on your wrist lie dozens of concealed tools.It is TSA-compliant, so no knives, but it has a number of wrenches, screw drivers, and even an oxygen-tank wrench.

8 multitools leatherman tread

8. Crocodile Carabiner

This tool gives the Hedgehog a run for its money as cutest multi-tool on this list. The Crocobiner is a crocodile-shaped carabiner multi-tool with more than 10 functions. Stick the included bit into the crocodile’s mouth to tighten down whatever needs fixing. They range in price from $31 in carbon steel to $85 in mokume gane.

crocobiner crocodile multi-tool

9. Slim Baton Multi-Tool

A non-traditional multi-tool in the shape of a cylinder, the SOG Baton is not much longer than a standard No. 2 pencil. It’s probably the least-overkill and most diverse on this list. Some tools within the baton include spring-assisted scissors, a ballpoint pen, LED flashlight, and straight-edge blade.

sog Q2 baton multitool

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