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Ultralight Titanium Tool Digs Perfect Poo Holes

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America’s popular wild lands have a very gross problem: human poop. Digging a proper hole to bury it helps. Vargo’s Dig Dig tool is an ultralight option that really works.

Vargo Titanium ultralight shovel

Hikers cutting ounces may be tempted to skimp on digging implements. Cheap trowels weigh a lot, and tend to not work very well in hard soil.

With Vargo’s Dig Dig Tool, you can no longer use weight as an excuse.

Titanium Dig Tool

At just 1.2 ounces, the Dig Dig Tool is a rugged implement. It feels strong in the hand, and effectively digs a six-inch or deeper hole with little effort.

It also doubles as a burly tent stake and has aggressive serrations along both sides to help slice through roots.

Vargo Dig Dig Tool: Testing

Digging holes in the Rocky Mountains, one does discover a lot of rocks. They didn’t give me much trouble, as the tool is plenty strong to lever small stones out of the way.

Ultralight digging tool

The tool digs well. My only criticism is that it’s a little sharp on the hand when held in a classic digging style with the point prying upward. The tool works best with the tool pointed back toward the user, thrust downward in more of a stabbing motion.

Ultralight Titanium Tool Digs Perfect Poo Holes

I had the best success stabbing it into the ground, then flipping it to remove loosened soil from the hole.

At 8-inches long, the tool easily indicates if you’ve dug a deep enough hole. Holes should be six inches or more, so if the hole is as deep as the tool, you’re good to go.

Vargo titanium ultralight digging tool

Titanium isn’t cheap, but at $25, this tool isn’t overpriced. It feels strong, and I expect most people should get years of use out of it.

Happy digging!

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