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Filson Lauches Motorcycle Gear With the Alcan Collection

Filson has been making tough-as-nails gear for the outdoors for over a century. The new Filson Alcan Collection carries on that tradition, but with a focus on motorcycle adventure.

Filson has been based in Seattle since its start in 1897. While outfitting prospectors headed to the Yukon started the company, outdoor adventurers have kept Filson in business.

Long-lasting, classically styled outdoor gear has been Filson’s trademark. Its Tincloth pants and waxed canvas jackets are renowned for super durability and lasting through years of abuse.

Filson Alcan jacket
Filson Alcan Jacket

So it’s no surprise that motorcycle riders have been wearing rugged Filson clothing for decades. Now, with the brand’s first foray into moto kit, the Alcan Collection offers gear designed specifically for motorcycling.

The brand announced the new motorcycle line at the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show today. Let’s have a look.

The Filson Alcan Collection

The Filson Alcan Collection was “created to equip motorcycle riders for dirt road and double track exploration. Inspired by the vast network of roads providing access to the forests of the Pacific Northwest.”

The collection includes pants, jackets, gloves, a tool backpack, a tool roll, and a rebranded Bell helmet. Besides the helmet, all these new products are “made from classic, hard-wearing and inherently durable Filson materials.”

Filson Alcan motorcycle helmet
Filson Alcan motorcycle helmet

Filson did not design the line for specific crash protection. Instead, it’s about rugged clothing for the everyday motorcyclists who already might be riding in Filson.

Filson built the Alcan clothing with durable materials like waxed canvas with CORDURA overlays for extra abrasion resistance but does not offer any more crash protection than heavy standard clothing.

The new line is tailored specifically for riders, with details like extra secure pocketing, extended back panels, and pant legs that fit over riding boots.

Filson Alcan Pants
Filson Alcan Pants

“Riders have been wearing Filson gear on the bike for decades for its function and durability, so this collection was a natural extension for us,” said Alex Carleton, Filson’s chief creative officer. “With the Alcan line, we started with classic Filson styles and enhanced them to better meet the needs of riders.”

You can buy the Filson Alcan Collection at select retail stores and on July 24, 2020.

Filson Zero Motorcycle

The new and the old world meet with the custom-built Filson edition Zero DSR motorcycle. Zero built this all-electric dual-sport motorcycle for the launch of Filson’s new Alcan Collection at Outdoor Retailer.

zero, motorcycle, moto, trail, bike

The special bike has been stripped down to the basics, painted, stickered, outfitted with knobbier tires, and sports a custom “weatherproof leather/rugged twill seat to match the bags.” The bags on the bike are one-off Filson Work Shop pieces, but not part of the Alcan Collection. The bike also sports a massive chainsaw.

The normal Zero DSR electric motorcycle weighs in at 419 pounds, offers up a 105-mile average range, 70 horsepower, and a top speed of 102 mph. It will also set you back about $16,000, before tax incentives.

Bryon Dorr

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