‘Best In Show’ Gear Awards (part I) From Outdoor Retailer Trade Show

Salt For Pure Water — Common table salt mixed with water makes a “fuel” for this water-purification product. You add the premixed salt water to a small slot and the Potable Aqua PURE device converts it to a sterilizing solution that can be poured into a bottle of lake water to make it drinkable in 30 minutes or less.

The small brick-shape device weighs a scant 3.8 ounces. It uses the same technology as found in municipal water treatment plants and the discontinued MSR MIOX Purifier Pen. But the PURE is different because it has a solar charger on back to recharge it in the sun.

Over its lifetime, the company cites this product could purify 150,000 liters of water.

It’s made for outdoor enthusiasts and international travelers and can zap 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria that might make you sick. The brand will market it as a cost effective water purification device “capable of purifying even the dirtiest water, anywhere on the planet.” $99.99; available in spring 2014

Stephen Regenold

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