Yerba Mate Fuels Über-Organic Energy Chews

You might know PROBAR from its namesake organic energy bars. The brand is getting into the gummy game with this month’s release of Bolt Energy Chews.

I’m no scientist, so when it comes to nutrition, I go with my gut. Literally. I picked up a few packs at the Outdoor Retailer trade show last month, and the chews are on-point in the taste department.

Flavor assortment of Bolt Energy Chews from PROBAR

They give me the energy bump I want during physical exertion, without the accompanying “I just ate too much Halloween candy” stomachache I can get from other energy food.

Beyond good taste, what sets these 100% USDA-certified organic chews apart is tapioca sugar and caffeinating yerba mate extract, which is billed to have “a relaxing effect on smooth muscle tissue, and produce a mild stimulating effect throughout the body.”

Yerba mate in tea form

The taste is fruity, with a definite “grassy” aftertaste from the yerba mate. Sounds funky, I know. But it’s working for me. They’re definitely different from anything I’ve tasted in the category.

The Bolts have about 90 calories a pack, which is on par per serving with Clif and GU energy chews. They hit shelves this month for $2.49 per pack in flavors of orange, strawberry, raspberry and “berry blast.”

—Patrick Murphy is an assistant editor.