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Save 10% on Hyperlite Mountain Gear’s New Packing Pods & More

Hyperlite Mountain Gear debuts new packing pod designs to add to its line of weight-saving backpacking essentials. They even gave us a coupon code so you can stock up and save.

Hyperlite added side-entry pods for a non-zippered approach to pod storage. They work like a roll-top sack but are shaped to rest on their side inside your backpack.

In past GearJunkie articles, Hyperlite brought you tips for shaving weight from your backpacking kit and explained its take on essentialism. Here, we introduce the brand’s new Side Entry Pods and review some other gear to lighten your load this summer.

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Beyond Backpacking

These backpacks are made with multiday trips in mind. That’s when the packing lists are long and excess weight takes its toll. However, Hyperelite’s sacks and packs provide more use outside of such trips.

For instance, a stuff sack can work on its own to stash gear or snacks during an adventure race. And the rugged Dyneema fabric of a backpack can come in handy for a day of scrambling rocks or canyoneering.

And don’t forget cold climes. The Ice Pack backpacks are made with winter in mind. You get the same benefits of the lightweight durable organization with an axe loop, external crampon attachment system, and other features dialed for mountaineering.

In short, the brand’s take on essentialism isn’t about dangerously barebones missions, but a honing of your backpack kit that gets rid of redundancies. These often include overbuilt stuff sacks that come with included gear, from tents to puffies.

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Side Entry Pods

HMG side pods

Hyperlite’s Side Entry Pods work just like a roll-top sack yet are shaped to lay on their side inside a pack just as the zippered pods do. The idea behind them is to compress your puffy, blanket, or clothing into a compact shape that better matches the contours of your pack. Additionally, Hyperlite says the pods can protect against moisture seeping into the insulated gear inside.

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Drawstring Stuff Sacks

hyperlite stuff sacks

These drawstring stuff sacks are an affordable entry point into scaling down your weight and developing your own systems approach to packing. Another example of the brand’s embrace of essentialism, these sacks can stay in your kit as you refine and pare down your own packing supplies that you’ll put in them.

Like other Hyperlite Mountain Gear stuff sacks, the Dyneema can better withstand repeated pokes and wear inside your pack. The sacks are waterproof except for the obvious drawstring opening. Inside your pack, this protection can act as a good example of redundancy so dew or heavy rains don’t bog down your load.

Hyperlite offers examples of which stuff sack sizes will hold and protect your gear. The six sacks range in size from 0.3L for small items like a first-aid kit up to the 13L sack for compressing clothing or a shelter. In the middle of the range are 3L and 4L sizes, which Hyperlite recommends for holding a tarp, clothes, and maps.

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Bestselling Backpacks

To save weight, ultralight backpacks often forgo features like zippers, dividers, and internal pockets. Hyperlite Mountain Gear backpacks may look very similar at first glance, but if you check the specs, you’ll see different design decisions were made to accommodate different hikes in different environments.

These three bestselling backpacks are available in 2400, 3400, and 4400 sizes.

Windrider Backpacks

HMG Windrider backpacks

The 2400 Windrider is the original Hyperlite Mountain Gear backpack. It’s aimed at classic thru-hiking and places mesh pockets on the outside for easy-grab gear and water. Hyperlite says the Windrider’s sweet spot is on the Appalachian Trail and on trips lasting up to 4 days.

The 2400 model has a 40L capacity inside, 9.8L outside pocket capacity, and it weighs 1.87 pounds.

The Windrider comes in 2400, 3400, and 4400 models.

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Southwest Backpacks

Hyperlite Southwest packs

The 3400 Southwest is large enough for thru-hikes and can roll down for shorter ventures. Its name reflects the intent behind its reinforcements for rugged and tight trails, like slipping between canyon walls or over rocky obstacles.

Hyperlite positions the 3400 pack as a solid entry-level pick for hikers on longer missions of 5 to 7 days. It has a 55L capacity and weighs 1.98 pounds.

The Southwest comes in 2400, 3400, and 4400 models.

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Junction Backpacks

Hyperlite Junction backpacks

The 2400 Junction is made to be highly versatile. It uses a center mesh pocket to keep that extra layer at the ready or separate damp clothing. Two external mesh pockets can hold water, a storm jacket, or other high-use gear.

Hyperlite says the diverse environments of the Pacific Crest Trail informed this pack’s design, but it’ll work anywhere else too.

The Junction is available in 2400 and 3400 sizes.

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Ultamid 2 Ultralight Pyramid Tent


This shelter weighs just 1.17 pounds. That’s probably lighter than your boots or your biggest essentials for backpacking. The brand says that its waterproof Dyneema Composite Fabrics will outlast your traditional nylon tent.

Hyperlite chose a pyramid design because of its ability to set up simply, provide space, and endure most weather. The UltaMid 2 sets up in three different ways using Hyperlite’s carbon fiber poles made specifically for the UltaMid, with adjustable trekking poles, or suspended from a central peak.

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This article is sponsored by Hyperlite Mountain Gear. Learn more about the brand’s products online. 

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